The Sophia Code® Divine Feminine Leadership Conference & VIP Mentor Immersive

with Kaia Ra

“Leading Through the Angelic Ray of Higher Self Embodiment" 

You’re invited to activate the angelic ray of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership at this special 3-Day Conference with Kaia Ra & The Sophia Dragon Tribe Team in sacred Sedona.


n this radical gathering we’ll be diving into embodiment practices that will deeply integrate your co-creative mentor relationships with the Divine Feminine Ascended Master mentors, your direct communion with Sophia’s voice guiding your divine purpose, and how to ground and express the important message of your Higher Self speaking through your human

and our Team Angels will be guiding us through interactive practices, spiritual interventions, and creative masterminds that will empower you to step forward and be seen leading through your heart as an important voice in the Divine Feminine Christ movement.

Gather together with your international community of Lightworkers in this life-changing leadership training with Kaia Ra as she shares the living transmission of The Sophia Code teachings, as well as 20-years of professional wisdom to support your highest success in our shared movement.

We invite you to make the next quantum leap in your professional offering with The Sophia Code community by your side. Our loving Initiates have experienced how quickly we evolve when gathering together to support one another’s growth.

3-Day Conference: October  16–18, 2019

VIP Mentor Immersive: October 19 - 20, 2019

Daily Schedule: 10am-5pm in the Great Room

Enroll Here:

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About KAIA RA:

Kaia Ra is the world renowned Oracle for an Ascended Master High Council called The Sophia Dragon Tribe® and is an international bestselling author of,  "The Sophia Code®".

 She is a Divine Feminine teacher, speaker, ceremonialist, and ordained minister teaching The Sophia Code curriculum worldwide. Surviving multiple near-death experiences, her living transmission is of shamanic proportions.

Kaia Ra leads an international movement and modern-day mystery school for mentoring Initiates in the codex, and offers The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective.

To learn more about Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code movement, and activating your divine genome, please visit us at:


Day 1, Wednesday, October 16

The Angelic RAy Teachings of

Isis & Hathor

"Spelling it Out: Speaking Your Truth Creates Quantum Evolution for Your Clients and Community"

Day 2, Thursday, October 17

The Angelic Ray Teachings of
 Mary Magdalene & Joan of  Arc

"The Divine Feminie Path for Courageously Embodying Sophia Chirst Teachings Beyond Right or Wrong"

Day 3, Friday, September 14

The Angelica Ray Teachings of
 White Buffalo Woman & The Order of Sky Grandmothers

"Leading Through the Prayer that is Praying You:
Embodying the Lightening of Medicine of Sophia's Turth"

VIP Immersive, September 15-16

Guided by all of The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Keycode Mentors

Step up to the mic in a private, intimate class setting to receive direct professional coaching and lightening wisdom mentorship channeled for you by  Kaia Ra.   Includes dynmaic  Q&A mentoring intervals for integrating the profound shiftss that unfold in group consciousness during the rare opportunity to work this closely with Kaia Ra.