An Evening of Galactic Soul Music

with Elle Swan

Treat yourself to an evening of  “empowerment performance” that will have you tapping your feet as you tap into your greatness! 

It’s a mesmerizing one woman show filled with vulnerability, humor, and passion. Audiences love the intermittent crowd participation amidst the beautifully composed tunes.

June 23, 2019

6-7:30pm in the Great Room

Cost:  $25 in advance; $30 at the door.

Tickets/Info: or  928-432-3041



“Elle’s musical event was a very heartfelt and freeing experience. It awakened my deepest desires to be confident, courageous and to live in my truth.” F. White

“Something about her voice and passionate performance feels like it tunes up my soul. I never want the songs to end!”
D. Howard

“ELLE ‘s voice and lyrics cut through the ordinary and shine a bright beam of light on what’s possible for each of us when we live from our hearts and make now the now. Elle’s a life transforming teacher and artist to whom I have much gratitude and thanks.” - Antony B.

“Elle‘s BEAM performance was truly brilliant and alchemistic! Her singing connects you to the greatness of who you are. During her performance I felt elated and inspired to express my uniqueness.  She shares her powerful work through mesmerizing lyrics and beats. Her a-cappella ‘GREATNESS’ brought tears to my eyes and her ‘POWER’ song had me on my feet dancing and singing.
Elle's music transports me into my heart. Listening to her music has added a whole new depth to my being's like a new realm has been opened up inside of me ....a place I feel truly content to be with me.  Her music is so empowering, activating and encoded with heart magic.  Her shows are so empowering. They inspire you to shine like a star. Yes it's that powerful!”
R. Elaine 

Elle Swan is a master teacher on facing fears and a visionary who ignites possibility and boldness. For over 15 years she has influenced thousands on stage, in print and on TV.

She has always been a woman who believes that in order to teach about the unknown one must  journey into the unknown.  

One of her most amazing journeys was riding up the Himalayan mountains on a motorcycle! It challenged every cell of her body and resulted in the Bold Moves work that she is known for here in Sedona.  

Her spiritual teachings, classes, and recent music is rooted in her message that NOW could be the now. "The expansion of the entire planet is rooted in the individual’s willingness to step into their own personal ‘more’,” Elle says.

What makes this album so special is that Elle’s music was never meant to happen. There was no evidence of it until 2 months before this release. You see, Elle’s father was a Vietnam Veteran who suffered from undiagnosed mental illness and alcoholism.  This combination led to his tragic death at 46 years old.  However, beneath his unrelenting pain, lied an incredible musical talent and in April of this year, Elle literally channeled the musical acumen necessary to write and produce music from the energy of her father’s heart. She never asked for it.  It just came.

Elle believes that we all have “treasure” within us.  It is a direct source to the limitless sphere of creativity, innovation, and power that the greats of time have pointed towards. 

There was no logical reason for Elle to make music. And there is no logical reason for the impact that her songs have had on those who have heard it pre-release.  Her performance will ignite the untapped possibility within you.