AuraTransformation & The AuraMediator Courses

with Sarah Jennings

Join Sarah Jennings, International Instructor of Dare to Be, for an informative talk on this permanent bio-energy field upgrade and about training in this groundbreaking modality, which is like no other on the planet.

The 4h personal session is the ultimate in consciousness expansion, setting off a process of Crystallising your spirit energy into every cell, dissolving karmic, ancestral & collective imprinting and clearing eons of emotional baggage. Aligning your frequency to the Crystal & Indigo children and having a fresh start in connecting to your purpose, means making things happen in a balanced and earthly way.  

June 5, 2019

7-9pm in the Sedona Room

Cost:  $20/door or  buy tickets:


Sarah is on an International tour this year.  The calling for this tour is to lay strong foundations in your area for the next wave of Aura Mediators™ who are ready to train and work with AuraTransformation™ and the Crystal & Indigo energies. This modality has the incredible ability to expand the consciousness of humanity as well as bring each individual into the strongest sense of balance, on all levels, giving them all the tools necessary for living out their purpose. Sarah is looking for the next wave of Aura Mediators™ to train.


We live in a time in history where immense quantum leaps in our evolution and possibilities for transformation are present. The tools are here, the change we crave is at our finger tips. There is no more room for climbing endless mountains, martyr like, sloth like, in a sad slumber. Now is the time for breakthroughs that last and integrate, and can be sustained in daily life. AuraTransformation™ is essential in these powerful times, to get our bio-energy fields to their optimum crystalline balance. When we are fully embodied, grounded and protected we can really step into our powerful hopes and dreams and liberate our energetic force-fields and living operating systems from any Old Time shackles so that we can live to our full potential renewed and sovereign.

Whether you want to tap into your creativity, self-worth and drive to maximise your ability to run your business, or you want to reach the depth of your self development and spiritual growth for good, or you want to parent the new wave of beings in the most aligned way or you just want to make a meaningful impact without being held back then this is for you.

AuraTransformation™, is a Danish born modality, founded by Anni Sennov, that is sweeping across the globe, and Sarah has been actively doing these wherever she goes for 5 years, and is now an International Instructor. It is a 3.5-4h session, in two parts, at least 2 days apart. A bit of research and reading is needed to embark on this option. It is a total upgrade/evolution of your aura structure (to match the Indigo/Crystal children). It sets off a process of embodying your higher self/spirit energy in every cell of your body, and a full integration of your masculine and feminine energy. Upping your clarity, coherence, focus, radiance, joy and sense of embodiment. This is a mega expansion of your consciousness and entering 5D and beyond on all levels. This is the Rolls Royce of energy healing on the planet and the new Crystal Aura is permanent.

There is a prerequisite book to read called, Balance on All Levels!  by Anni Sennov.  So download or buy NOW! (Amazon, Kindle, Goodreads).

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AuraMediator™ Courses

The gift of the Aura Mediator™ training is to unplug the adults of today from the Old Time energy matrix, and support the (Crystal & Indigo) children of the future and their caregivers in the mass awakening of human consciousness that is so needed right now. The initial step for those of you who are ready to take your mission to the next level is to have your AuraTransformation™ first. Once you are AuraTransformed you can embark on the AuraMediator™ Course, giving you an amazing opportunity to become abundant while delivering your mission of awakening and supporting humanity in this current transition. See a video here

Sarah is an International Aura Mediator™ Instructor and is looking for the next wave of Aura Mediators™ who want to train in this modality later in the year. If you wanted to train then the first step is to have your AuraTransformation™ while Sarah is in the area.

Register your interest for the info talk or book your personal session with Sarah at

Attendance at the talk is not essential to having a session but there is a book to read so do get in touch to get prepared.