True Human Intensive

with Aisha Salem

True Human Intensive with Aisha Salem  welcomes you to deepening into Intimacy with Reality, as an in-depth exploration of and rest into the expanse and innermost Being of yourSelf. 

In the presence of Aisha, we engage in profound transmission and teaching through movement, meditation, talks and conversation, as we meet those edges keeping us from living truly surrendered.

You are invited to let yourself go and truly arrive as the Wide Awake, the Deeply Compassionate and the Truly Loving. 

May 18-19, 2019

12-5pm in the Sedona Room.

Cost: Saturday - $100; Saturday and Sunday - $180.

Please note – it is not possible to attend the Sunday session only.



Currently, the focus of her teaching and own evolution is centred around the unfolding of the sustainable foundation of existence, which starts at the Core of All-Inclusion, in the coming together of her and the growing community’s evolution and involution in the unfolding as True Humans.

About Aisha Salem

Aisha is a deeply realised woman of Truth. She has been living radical surrender for 17 years and teaching for 15 years, across the world in both residential retreats, online retreats, via Gateway Community portal as well as speaking at conferences, webinars, festivals and more.

Aisha lives in Denmark, with a growing community, and is the founder of Gateway, which is a container for exploration, investigation and realisation of reality in everything from the deepest intimacy to the widest expanse of Truth.

Through a life committed to Truth, she has received teaching through some of time’s most profound Masters – specifically through the Buddhistic Dzogchen lineage via Masters including Djwhal Khul, Longchenpa, Yeshe Tsogyal and most recently and on-going Padmasambhava.

Aisha is living the full application of and integration with reality. Over time that has included building houses, motherhood, consortships, healing of family lines, teaching globally as well as continuously supporting a growing community of Truth-travellers - locally and globally - alongside receiving her own ongoing further teaching.


“The True Human is Absolutely surrendered to the Totality of Reality”. ~  Aisha Salem.

You are welcomed to a weekend of deepening in Truth with Aisha Salem,  for an in-depth exploration of Intimacy with Reality, as the expanse of Being  human, empty and limitless. 

In the flux between our dissolution and becoming, we embrace the movement of our evolution and involution through a weekend of being held in the deep embrace and presence of Aisha’s Being. Realising - recognising - remembering. Through dialogue, teaching and transmission of keys of consciousness, Aisha facilitates us through layers of limitations and preferences, that keep us from being truly surrendered – living as True humans.

In guided meditations, conversations with Aisha and in movement and sound, you are invited to let yourself go to the trust of the Wide Awake, the Deeply Compassionate and the Truly Loving. We look forward to celebrate and deepen with you, to heal, awaken and unveil - in profound engagement with Reality - dropping into its most raw, deepest touching and most naked meeting with Life.


Daily Schedule:

12-1pm:  Transmission; Talk/Meditation with Aisha

1:15-2:45pm - Movement Meditation

3-5pm - Question & Answers Session

Please bring: water bottle, meditation cushion (chairs are available). And please wear clothes suitable for movement.

Pre-booking is essential, please visit web-shop at or  Book Event

 to reserve your place.

For further information and questions please write to and join the Facebook event.