Awakening to The Universal Truth

with Mohammad Eshtehar

Mohammad Eshtehar has a gift that enables him to directly connect to the Universal Truth. He is a vessel to channel the energy that accelerated the evolution and connection of human consciousness to divine consciousness. To bring you back to the true self.

During his group session, you’ll be provided with a unique experience that cannot be understood by the mind. It is a connection of your soul expanding beyond this dimension.  The soul becomes aligned to its true purpose on Earth and undergoes an awakening, healing, attunement or initiation that is specifically tailored to you. 

This work is to bring your energy and frequency to a higher vibration. To inspire you to directly discover your true nature.

February 23, 2018

6-8pm in the Sedona Rm

Cost:  $50.00

To reserve a spot you can pay via PayPal or pay cash at the event. PayPal link:

A video of Mohammad live in Brazil group session

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