“Inner Glow” Healing Piano Concert

with Japanese composer, healing pianist, synthesizer artist Yasunobu Matsuo

Matsuo’s music is neither jazz, nor classical music, but another genre with his original melody and harmony. He often performs in natural surroundings and at many sacred spots throughout Japan and abroad.  

Music has been known to have a mysterious power to heal people physically, emotionally and mentally since the ancient times. Yasunobu Matsuo said that Sedona is a powerful place to perform and send the healing energy out to the world. Join us for a deeply moving event and get lost in his beautiful world of sound.

Thursday Evening, February 8, 2018

6:30-7:30pm in the Great Room

Cost:  $10 at the door

Information:   Craig Junjulas, 928-282-8981 or http://02ma.com/index.html