Messages from the Universe

Presented by Laurie Wondra

Laurie Wondra, author of Beyond Healing, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Shaman offers this 2-hour channeling event.

Can we get messages from the dead, animals, nature, angels, and if so, how do we use this information in our lives?   Laurie believes that we are all spiritual beings with the ability to connect with other energy sources.   

She has been communicating with Angels, guides, animals, nature and the dead since a small child.  Hear how she used this in a Corporate setting as well as built her business as a global speaker, medium and author. This evening she will be connecting other energy sources, channeling messages and answering questions from the gallery.    

Saturday, January 27, 2018

7-9pm in the Sedona Room

Cost:  $30  at the door


About Laurie Wondra:

Gifted Shaman, psychic medium, Laurie Wondra has known of her abilities to channel Archangels, Ascended Masters, helpers of the Universe and people that have died since she was seven years old. Today she uses her gifts to deliver messages that help bring direction, clarity and healing.  Lives change when you work with Laurie and experience her powerful connection to the divine energies of the Universe.

Shaman, Psychic Medium: Since a small child, Laurie has been working with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Collective Light, and other Universe energies to channel their messages and provide healing powers. She connects people with their loved ones who have died and brings important messages from the spirit world.    

Energy Healer: Laurie combines channeled divine energy with her heart frequency to activate lives and heal fields of energy while working in the Quantum Fields.  Her healing vibrational modalities also include crystals, sacred drumming, Tibetan bowls, and voice. She is a member of the Sound Healing Association.

Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher:   As a former C-level Executive, Laurie brings real life experience to her clients. She is the author of four books.  She is a regular speaker at LHSC, a frequent guest on WCCO and KFAI Radio in Minnesota, and has been highlighted on The Science of Magic Canada radio Show. Minnesota Business Magazine recognized her as an Inspiring Women in the article titled, 'She walks between Worlds'.  Laurie is also profiled in the book Chasing Perfection - Shatter the Illusion in the chapter Intuition is Your Super Power.  She has publications in Natural Awakenings, The Edge, and Fate Magazines. 

Current classes and retreats can be found on her website,, 612.584.8673