Angels, Intuition and the Afterlife

With Sunny Dawn Johnston

You will have an experiential opportunity to feel the indescribable energy of unconditional love move thru you and connect you with the divine presence of the Archangels. Sunny will teach you how to invoke the power of the Archangels to help transform your heart from a state of fear to a realization of the love that always exists within.

You will also learn:

  • Simple steps for grounding and connecting with the angels
  • Who the Archangels are, what their qualities are and how to connect with them to receive divine healing, love, forgiveness and support
  • How to expand and develop your intuition
  • What your greatest intuitive gifts are and how they will come through you
  • How to interpret the messages that your Angels and Loved Ones in spirit are sending you
  • Guided meditation techniques to open the communication between your physical world and the spirit world 

Even as the death of a loved one seems so final, Sunny teaches about how the essence of that person - the love - still lives on and can be communicated directly to you.

With the support of her soul musician, Kris Voelker, she will help you not only connect with your Angels and develop your intuitive gifts but she will teach you how to communicate with your loved ones in the Afterlife.



Join psychic medium, spiritual teacher and best-selling author, Sunny Dawn Johnston, as she presents her full-day workshop.  YOU too can feel the presence of the Angels in YOUR life…and Sunny will teach you how to invoke the Angels and create your own personal relationship with them. They are with you always and are ready to communicate with you, if you will only ask and listen.

Having over thirty years of experience speaking to the Other Side, Sunny will teach you how to tap in to your own unique way of best understanding these messages. You will discover your strongest intuitive gift and learn how to develop it even more. You’ll gain the tools necessary to tune into the signs and signals from your angels, guides and loved ones that have passed on. These tools will allow you to gain a stronger connection and a better understanding of the support and loving guidance you receive from the “unseen” realm.

You’ll also learn how to make the connection between the living and those who have passed, whether it be from natural causes, accidents or suicide. This will be an interactive, experiential workshop that will leave you with tools to connect with the afterlife yourself.

 February 22, 2018

10am-4pm in the Chapel

Cost:  $125.

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If you're missing someone who has passed over or just curious about what messages you might receive from the angels and the other side, join Sunny for this in depth and fascinating workshop.

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This is a Self-Empowered Wisdom 2018 Pre retreat seminar.