The 10 Day Process

Presented by Ray Maor

The 10 Day Process allows individuals to explore their inner master and open their chi energy flow.  The process is a powerful experience that will integrate your body’s knowledge into your current lifestyle.  Through a deep cleaning of the mind, body and spirit, the body can “remember” to once again work together with Chi (Life Force Energy) to nourish the body. 

Ray Maor is a teacher of self mastery and breatharian guide.  He is on an international tour and will be coming to Sedona to teach the 10 Day Process.  He is globally known for a documentary that was done where he went 8 days without food or water.  Ray’s goal is to raise global consciousness about the human potential.  A doorway that is open for all who wish to experience a higher vibration and live a life filled with pure love. 

November 7, 2017

7:30-9pm in the Art Cabin

FREE Event

For more information please visit or call Sharon Sillen at 973-865-1976

 The 10 Day Process:

  • Physical, Emotional and Mental Cleansing.
  • Explore your body’s incredible potential.
  • Learn to Live on Prana (Life Force Energy).
  • More Energy throughout your day.
  • More Time during your day ~ reduce sleep.
  • Reduce Stress and Gain Freedom.
  • You will even Save Money!

Ray will be giving us a lecture about his own deep experience from living on Parna as a Breatharian.  He will also teach us how to connect with the Pranic energy within and balance the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.