Graceful Evolutional-Manifesting ~ in the "Womb of Living Light"

"Is it really OK to feel this good?!"

Shastina Free, is a mystic, and pioneer in the Evolution of Consciousness.  She works in a 'Direct Experience' of the Evolutionary Nature of the Unified Field. 

Shastina offers a new opportunity for Generating Graceful Evolution AS Manifest–Life, in the "Divine Feminine Way" ~ Nourishing a New Birth of the "Sacred structure and function" of our Consciousness, Grounded and Integrated, here and NOW as a New Foundation for Graceful Evolution AS Manifest-Life.

Clairvoyants have witnessed this as: “Pyramidal crystals of Living Light, ReGenerating, within the cells.”  (Sarah Chaplin, Clairvoyant Healer/ Teacher). This is the birthing of Sacred Nature AS Manifest-Life. 

She is not sharing a dogma, technique, practice, modality, or a path . . . but an actual "Womb of Living Light" from Spirit's Nature in the Unified Field ~ which Engenders a Grounding of Nature's Inherent Harmony, and the Fullness of Life,
Manifesting the Goodness of Life.

Shastina is a steward for sharing a Direct Experience of the 'Generative Principle' of the Sacred Feminine Birthing Environment:  "The Evolutionary Womb of Light" ~ within the human condition ~ in this time of Great Change.

  • Do you long for the Fresh and New in Life, beyond karma?
  • Do you wish for more of your own True Self?
  • Do you long for radical change, freedom, and blossoming, even beyond imagination?
  • Do you feel the calling of your own unique gifts, abilities and purpose?
  • Do you wish for A Higher Love?

Healers and Teachers: Report exponential expansions in their own work.  The more evolved people are ~ the more they receive and manifest.  Experience Graceful Evolution.

Saturday, March 18, 2018

 1-3 in the Art Cabin

Cost: $25/door

 Instructions for this Event: Please bring a pad to lie on, so you will be comfortable, two pillows, and a blanket; people rest, lying on a mat, during the experience, just as if taking a nap.  No processing is used, for the "Womb of Light" Nourishes the Life of our inner choices, safely and delicately in the Way of Nature ~ meeting Us in the Heart, Where We Live.

Quotes and Comments:

Spiritual Teachers:

“This is an experience of inconceivable innocence!  It is the first thing I have seen aside from Zen, that supports the free flow of Divine Intelligence and It’s manifestation.  New gifts and abilities opened for me, right there during the weekend Initiation!”  Christian Opitz, Mystical Scientist, Zen Teacher, Oregon, & Munich, Germany, student/friend of Adyashanti

“Shastina brings a special light to this earth.  Among the many things this ‘environment’ facilitates, it helps to heal the Antahkarana (Rainbow Bridge) in Consciousness.”    Torkom Saraydarian, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Ageless Wisdom, and many other books, Sedona, AZ (1989)

"This is something people generally experience after leaving the physical world. This is why it is so revolutionary and evolutionary to have this experience while still on earth.”     Sarah Chapin, Clairvoyant Teacher/Healer, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, NY, NY

Buddhist Monk:

“This is an experience of remarkable freedom!  In addition, I experienced consciousness flowing into new areas of my body, where it does not, even in meditation.”    Vajra, Buddhist Monk, Meditation Teacher/Researcher

 Religious Science:

“This is the aspect of Spirit we left behind when we entered the experience of duality, one which we sometimes call the Divine Feminine.  I now know what it is like to be living the Sacred Life, beyond incarnations.”    Jeff Bradley, former Religious Science Minister, Spiritual Guide, Author, Ponderosa, NM



About Shastina Free:

Shastina is a steward for this Gift, from the inner Life of Spirit’s Loving Nature, the "Womb of Living Light".  This is her joy and her calling, in this time of great change.

I hope you will receive my "Thank You Song" ~ inspired to Thank You, for your contribution to Our Noble Journey!  On the page titled, Thank You Song, on my web site (Gifted as a free download to computers; if that window does not open, there is a youtube url, and download instructions).  Download instructions, on the web site; song is also on youtube:

The "Quantum Grace" Recording

This special recording is not merely for relaxation, but actually transmits a subtle level of the "Evolutionary Environment" that Shastina shares. 

It has been used for Spontaneous Meditation, Deep Sleep, Grounding, Opening Inner Space and Creativity;  Restoring the Foundation of Harmony, while Clearing Fear and Trauma;  Clearing and Restoring Harmony in land, houses and environments;  in moving people beyond stuck conditions and Suicidal states of mind;  This has been used in hospitals and by therapists, for Calming conditions of Dementia and Autism;  Birthing babies;  for Hospice, Grief, and much more. 

*It is not necessary to 'actively listen' to this recording ... no mind is involved.

There is more of this story on the web site, on the page titled, Bio & Work:
YouTube : "A Graceful Quantum Leap" ~ short intro (2 min.) 

Shastina offers "Graceful Evolution Experiences" for: Individuals, Couples and Children; Evolutionary Intensives and Retreats; Training/Initiations for Healers, and for other interested people.