Exploring the Unlimited Self with Zach Rehder

Live 4-Day Immersion Retreat in Sedona, Arizona

Why are you here?  

What is your purpose?  

What is possible?

What if your current answers to these questions are getting in the way of what is truly possible for your life?

This journey will be 4 days of deep self-exploration and awakening.  Self exploration is not about understanding or figuring yourself out.  That would just create more limitations.  It is realizing that you are so much more than you have understood yourself to be.  

That every story, belief and idea that you tried to fit yourself into was never entirely true.  The pain and suffering in your life have come from trying to limit the unlimited that you truly are.

Deep down, you know your potential is limitless.  Are you ready to come explore the possibilities?

Zach will be leading a small group of participants through powerful exploratory exercises, meditations and conscious breathing sessions that will blow the lid off of who and what you thought you were.  You will not be the same after these 4 days. 

Come explore your unlimited self.

 May 2-5, 2019 

Thu: 5-9pm;  Fri & Sat: 10am-6pm;  Sun: 10am-2pm

Cost:  $777.

Info/Register:  http://zachretreat.com/ 


"Once again, participating in a Zach Rehder workshop was the best gift I could have given myself. The contribution that Zach has been to me is huge and these last two days were no exception. I have a new sense of freedom from outdated beliefs that no longer serve me and a heart that feels like it has opened wide to receive. I am forever grateful , thank you volumes, Zach, for helping me truly get a bit closer to what I have always been seeking..."me"."  ~  Kayt G.

"WOW oh WOW! What an adventure and I was so blessed to be with such an awesome group of people and Zach at the workshop.! The breathwork alone is amazing so experiencing Zach's awesome facilitation combined with breathing for two days with a beautiful, honest, open group is a life changing experience... did someone say Miracles? Still processing everything from the weekend and know my life will never be the same! Thank you Zach and all that attended!"
  ~ Pam N.

About Zach Rehder:

Zach Rehder is an international teacher, speaker and healer.  Through a series of awakenings, he has become a channel for messages and energies that heal, unlock and awaken. This enables individuals to dissolve barriers and free themselves from negativity, lack and limitation.  Many clients have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings and awakenings through Zach’s sessions and classes.

One of the reasons Zach is on this planet is to support others in their awakening process. He assists people in removing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles and clearly see, hear and follow their own Divine guidance with grace and ease. This empowers people to fully embody who they came here to be.

Zach travels internationally facilitating classes and healings. He also does remote and in person private sessions with people from all over the globe.   His clients include some of the who’s who in the personal development industry from best selling authors to stars of the movie The Secret.