Energy Medicine South Training

Presented by Jamee Curtice

Please join us for Energy Medicine South Training.  This is the first of 4 Trainings on an ancient path.  You will learn to receive and to give 3 energy sessions which clear imprints of this lifetime. 

You will discover how to focus on 4 levels of the energy body. 

You will connect to the elements of nature in a new way, receiving 4 Initiations. 

These initiations will assist you to understand the differences and similarities of Energy Work and Shamanic Healing.  You want to bring 3 stones that fit into the palm of your hand because you will be working with a mesa, a shamanic altar.  You will explore the level of myth to be able to connect to the collective unconscious. 

October 27-29, 2017

9am-10am daily in the Retreat Rm.

Cost:  $350.

Please register at and select the Energy Medicine South program in Sedona. 


About Jamee Curtice:

Jamee is an Energy Medicine Shaman, and Teacher of Ancient and Modern Healing Practices.  She has studied various traditions and taught Energy Practices for over 20 years. 

She has received a wide variety of initiations from traditions in Peru and Shamanic Journeys.  She was a Senior Faculty of the Four Winds Society for 9 years, and now teaches and leads sacred journeys to Peru. 

She started Heart and Soul Essence L.C. for teachings not frequently shared in other workshops.  She started Peru Mistico Travel SRL for her Sacred Journeys.  Her intention is to weave these traditions into a clear, intuitive, structure for sharing with all who want to go deeper in their healing practices.