Fall Equinox Retreat

Presented by The Imagine Center

The Imagine Center Family invites you to gather with us to dive into the Power of Connection.

Our Retreat brings you into heart-centered presence with Spirit, Nature and all aspects of Life as One. The exceptional energies of Sedona enjoin you to open, lift and expand your Spiritual experience.

All activities are planned to deepen self-love and fire new expressions of the Heart. Activities include: Vortex Tour, Equinox Ceremony, Oneness Mediation, Angel Walk and Special Guest Presentation by Native American Sound Healer, Tony Redhouse.

Presenters include: Goddess Tauheedah, Anthony Rodriguez – Walking Crow and Vanessa White. Expect an exciting and life-changing experience that you won't forget!

September 22-24, 2017

Please visit website for ticket options

For Details & Registration:  818-345-1100 or  visti: www.ImagineCenterRetreat.com

About Goddess Tauheedah:

Earth Mother, Medicine Woman

Oneness Group Meditation & Angel Walk

The Goddess Tauheedah is a multi-dimensional presence in service to the Divine. She is Earth Mother and Medicine Woman who presenting energies from the field of Oneness for rising personal and planetary vibration. She has accepted the role of a “Portal Keeper” and helps to maintain portal energy by visiting sacred sites across the globe. Her philosophy is “Connection begets Union and Union brings us into the power of collective creativity to harmonize the world.”

Tauheedah Shakoor-Curry owns the Imagine Center in Tarzana, CA, that offers retail, energy work, metaphysical classes, indigenous ceremony and group services. Goddess Tauheedah recently formed the non-profit, The Global Tribe Initiative, linking servants to cause in full connection.

About Deonna Nichole Boutté:

Deonna Boutté has been a student of healing through divine light energy and intuitive expansion for over 10 years. As she continued to seek deeper connection and greater understanding to heal her own traumas, she found it impacted her life as an artist and a member of society.

 Her goals to effect change in others was well met in meditative practices, Reiki healing, crystal healing and intuitive dream work. She continues to find ways, on a daily basis, to share her learned experiences with others in hopes that it will help them on their journey of healing, growth, and success.

Release and Celebrate! During this "Light Suffusion" dance, explore the powerful, moving energies of the vortices through a curated set of music, designed to guide you deep into your Self. Allow the frequencies of sound and light  to express through you. Move, share, release and express joy in your own unique way!





4:00pm - Hotel Registration (Hotel Lobby) &
Retreat Check-In (Ellsworth Room in Hotel)
4:30pm - Personal Time
5:00pm - Visit Sedona Creative Life Center (SCLC)
5:30pm - Welcome Reception - Location: SCLC Universal Room
7:00pm - Special Guest Presentation by Tony Redhouse
Location: SCLC Sedona Room


7:00am - Breakfast & Mingling - Arabella Hotel
8:30am - Sedona Vortex Tour by Red Rock Vortex Tours –
Departs from Arabella Hotel
11:30am - Lunch & Personal Time
2:00pm - Equinox Ceremony with Anthony Rodriguez
Location: Arabella Hotel Grounds
4:00pm - Personal Time
6:30pm - Buffet Dinner - Location: SCLC Universal Room
7:30pm - Dance with Deonna Boutté - SCLC Sedona Room
9:30pm - Return to Arabella Hotel



7:30am - Hotel Check-Out
8:00am - Drop-Off Luggage - Ellsworth Room at Hotel
8:30am - Breakfast & Mingling - Arabella Hotel
9:30am - Visit SCLC
10:00am - Oneness Group Meditation with Goddess Tauheedah - Location:
SCLC Chapel
11:00am - Break & Refreshments
11:30am - Angel Walk with Goddess Tauheedah
Location: SCLC Chapel
1:30pm - Return to Arabella Hotel
2:00pm - Pick-Up Luggage (Storage Rm)
2:30pm - Farewell Meeting in Hotel Lobby
3:00pm - End of Retreat

For Details & Registration: www.ImagineCenterRetreat.com or Call: 818-345-1100

Imagine Center Website: http://www.theimaginecenter.com/

Goddess Tauheedah’s call to service includes: channeling the essence of any life form in the natural world and the cosmos for renewal and other divine purpose; providing outreach to underserved communities with cultural community healing programs; performing ceremonies (Full Moon, New Moon, Womb Rites); Group Meditation and Wisdom Circles; Sacred Site Renewal; Personal healing sessions; and training opportunities for up-and-coming leaders in this “Age of Union.”
Goddess Tauheedah regularly travels to Sedona collecting remembrance and experiencing portal powers. At this retreat, her wisdom and energies speak during our private Vortex Tour and when she leads Oneness Meditation and Angel Walk.

About Anthony J. Rodriguez - Walking Crow:

Equinox Ceremony Leader

Anthony J, Rodriguez - Walking Crow, is a Transformational Energy Healing Practitioner and Medicine Man with an emphasis on working with those in recovery from addiction. His work in private practice includes workshops that teach others how to be in their bodies and come to peace with life's traumas through the Chakra system and subtle energy.

He also hosts the Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine Show, weekly on blog talk radio, and has created Men in Self-Care (MISC) to help men find their voice in a sacred and safe non-judgmental environment.

During the Equinox Ceremony, Anthony J Rodriguez - Walking Crow, will sing in Spirit and take you on a Deep Dive Shamanic Journey into other dimensions. Using the tools of fire and a 27-inch Pow-Wow Drum, he will facilitate a meeting with your spirit guides and spirit animals. Receive the gifts of your guides and walk into your season of abundance through this special Equinox ceremony!

About Tony Redhouse:

Returning to the Heartbeat: Deep Within: Personal Balance that Creates Universal Harmony

 Tony Redhouse is a Native American Sound Healer, Spiritual Teacher and award winning recording artist who uses his voice and music to inspire and heal lives. He has served as a traditional Native American practitioner & consultant to Native American communities and behavioral health organizations teaching spiritual interactive workshops. 

Using the ancient sounds of the Voice, the Drum and the Flute, Tony Redhouse will guide us back to the simplicity and beauty of who we are and why we are here. In Native American Tradition, these primal and true expressions of our Soul allowed us to create ceremony, tell our stories and to celebrate Life. Tony will use drums and dance in interactive segments with attendees, allowing them to energetically feel the uniting of intention to support each other in their service to their communities.

As a Native American Sound Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Mr. Redhouse will share the importance of following our heart's "beat," inspire us to open our hearts, become vulnerable and to "soar" with the freedom and Joy that is our natural birthright!

Expect to...

  •  Reduce stress, regain a clear mind and improve consciousness
  •  Shed old limiting beliefs for new limitless understanding
  •  Love and respect all experiences throughout life
  • Understand the true expression of creative purpose
  •  Discover a healthy view of oneself and deepen self-love
  •  Connect with people and nature
  •  Engage and make friendships that will last a lifetime


  •  An indigenous Fire Ceremony that weaves the magic of Sedona's portal through our earthly presence in celebration of earth cycles bringing fruitful change
  •  An amazing Guided Vortex Tour to taste the energies of Sedona up close and personal as a catalyst for renewal
  •  A Special Guest presentation by Native American Sound Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Award Winning Recording Artist, Tony Redhouse, designed to further explore the power of connection


  •  A delightful Saturday night dinner then dance the night away setting your hearts and bodies free through movement and rhythm

Engage In…

  •  A profound Oneness Meditation guided by Goddess Tauheedah that encapsulates our journey in Sedona and sets inner space to receive bounties of the Fall season
  •  An Angel Walk - an incredible intuitive experience of walking through the living light of one's own soul - to conclude our powerful time together