Generational Healing™ Introduction & Demonstration

with Sarah Christine Graham

2018 Schedule

Tuesday, January 16

Tuesday, February 6th

Thursday, March 8th

Thursday, April 12th


**Attendees will receive a $30 credit toward a private Generational Healing™ session**

About Sarah Christine Graham:

Sarah Christine Graham is a Licensed Soul Therapist + Professionally Certified Generational Healer™ & Spiritual Guide who works both in Sedona and the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Sarah has studied with and been mentored by Deborah Skye King of the International Soul Therapy School®. She works with women in person and online via interactive video.

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What if you learned that the pain in your back, knee, the physical weight you carry or constant headaches are due to an ancestor's unhealed trauma that your genetics carry? That would be a revolutionary breakthrough and a relief in understanding where the source of your physical, mental, or emotional pain comes from. Your ancestors past emotional pain is stored within your DNA.

Every family holds pain, sadness, guilt, shame, and beliefs that don’t support the person you are today. Releasing these inherited patterns that are passed on generationally will free you to express and experience who you are now.

What is Held Within Your DNA

Every person holds within their DNA physical and energetic remnants that have been passed down through their genetic lineage. You have certain strengths, abilities, fears, tendencies, issues that you were born with that have been passed down via your generational bloodline.

Every ancestor who came before you left their body with unhealed issues—those issues continue to be played out by their next of kin, you, no matter how far down the line.

Your ancestors are asking you to be healed from any unhealed pain, trauma and emotional wounds that they are bound to so they can alleviate any suffering, challenges, physical ailments, emotional or mental blocks that you currently are experiencing.

What is Now Understood

Scientists now understand how the genetics of your ancestors affect your physical, emotional, and mental behaviour and patterns. Trauma experienced by earlier generations can influence the structure of our genes, making them more likely to “switch on” negative responses to stress and trauma.

Hormones and glands at any age can be affected by past abuse and trauma. You inherit these genes from your ancestors. They can cause you to struggle emotionally or physically with issues today, but these experiences can be healed.

Releasing these inherited patterns that are passed down generationally will free you to express and experience who you are now.

Those in attendance will have the opportunity to be selected to receive a Generational Healing™ as part of the demonstration.

7-9pm in the Retreat Room

Cost:  $30.00

Please RSVP at website:


 Please bring the following items with you:  Water Bottle, Journal and a pen