Open to Joy with Linda Shay, Dolphin Ambassador for Joyful Living,

Author, Speaker, Dolphin Energy Healer  and Facilitator of Expanding Consciousness

 Dolphin Love and Joy, facilitated by Linda Shay.

In this pod gathering, we transcend the limitations of space and physicality to receive healing and transformative gifts from these angels of the sea. Your heart and soul will be soothed and nourished. You will meet, and go home with, your personal dolphin spirit guide. You will discover a deeper experience of joy, and learn how to keep it flowing in your daily life. Life isn’t meant to be a struggle! After a magical encounter with a wild dolphin, Linda was asked by the Dolphin Consciousness to be one of their ambassadors on land. Taste the unique gifts they’ve empowered Linda to share with awakening humans.

October 5 & 19

November 2 & 16

December 7, 2017

 6-8pm in the Retreat Room

Cost: $22/door

Info:   855-353-6588, or visit

People can learn a lot from dolphins …  to create harmony between people …  to live the life they were meant to live.

When people come into contact with Dolphin energy, they realize their source … and their future.

I invite you to join me, and my vast team of spirit dolphins, for an evening of magic and wonder, immersed in the beautiful healing frequencies of Dolphin Love and Joy.

Perhaps you’re a great lover of dolphins. Or, you appreciate them and their infectious joy, and you’d like more of that in your life. Or, you’re not really “into” dolphins, but you’re open to the possibility they may have a gift for you!

I was the latter. And then everything changed. Since the dolphins swam into my life (spiritually), they’ve healed my heart, expanded my consciousness, and enriched my life in immeasurable ways.

“What we really did was turn your life right-side-up!", they announced one day with playful joy and enthusiasm. I’m so grateful I was open to the unimaginable!

It is my passion and privilege to introduce new understandings and possibilities about who the dolphins are, the role they’re playing on Earth, and the remarkable gifts they’ve empowered me to share, with beautiful awakening humans.


Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land tells the story of my 7-year journey with the dolphins and the dolphin consciousness. The journey culminates in my spiritual awakening in 2003, and the birth of a new spiritual path on Earth, the remarkable Dolphin Attunement Journey.  

Dolphin Love is encoded with healing and transformative gifts these extraordinary beings have for humanity. Learn more here.

Visit our website to learn more:

About the Dolphins

Everybody loves dolphins, right? Huge smiles and squeals of delight abound when we’re in their presence. We feel like kids again!

Dolphins model a way of living and being in this world we humans strive for lifetimes to attain. They live in a state of oneness we can barely begin to imagine.

They are energy masters, and they are our spiritual elders. Dolphins perceive us as a young species whose current stage of development (with rare exceptions) is akin to the terrible two’s. We’re pretty good at running around this planet wreaking havoc and breaking things. Despite this, and despite the pain and suffering we cause many of them, the dolphins love us unconditionally. They go to great lengths to help us heal, grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves.

Very early in my journey, when I was getting glimpses of who they are at the level of consciousness, this message was delivered to me by a highly regarded trance medium, from the dolphins: “We are here in service to you in this lifetime. It’s not the other way around.”

I was floored … and humbled.  I later learned that our work is just one aspect of Dolphin’s centuries-long project on Earth to heal the hearts of humanity … all of humanity. They love us that much.

They took what they learned from that experiment and created a blueprint – the 7 Dolphin Attunements – so that other humans could receive this gift of expanded consciousness.

“Now it is time to gather your pods and share this gift with others”, I heard within. The Dolphin Attunement Journey is a new spiritual path for humanity. It’s designed to accelerate our healing and awakening, and to infuse our journey with a sense of wonder, magic and light-hearted joy!

My book, Dolphin Love ... From Sea to Land, tells my personal spiritual adventure story – and my love story – with the dolphins.  To date, a global pod of more than 600 podmates from over 20 countries have received the Dolphin Attunements. I have trained and certified over 100 of these receivers as Dolphin Energy Practitioners.

About Linda Shay

Hi, I’m Linda Shay, Dolphin Ambassador for Joyful Living, and author of, "Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land", and contributing author to Dolphins & Whales Forever.

Yes, I live in the desert. No, I don’t have a dolphin in a swimming pool in my back yard (people really ask me that!).  Nor do I take people to swim with dolphins.

Rather, the dolphins asked me to be one of their ambassadors on land. They’ve empowered me to share Dolphin Energy Healing, and facilitate the life-changing Dolphin Attunement transmissions, with a growing global pod of awakening humans.

As a  former banker, I was initiated to the dolphin path in 1996, when one moment with one wild Hawaiian spinner dolphin changed my life forever. That very night, people began experiencing spontaneous healings and transformations in my presence. Simply talking casually about dolphins had a profound effect on people. I was blown away.

A wondrous, interdimensional, interspecies, spiritual adventure had begun that spanned 7 remarkable years. The journey culminated in January 2003, when I woke up one morning brand new.
I learned that more than a spiritual awakening, I had undergone a metamorphosis. I was now a living embodiment of a new quality of consciousness on Earth - a blended human-dolphin consciousness. Dolphin had performed an experiment on me. Thankfully it was a success!