Free Yourself From Fear-Trial By Fire!

with Tracy Sheppard, M.A., Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairaudient Empath and Healer

I've been called back to Sedona, to work with the public in a positive, healing, and educational way that incorporates all of my skills, talents, and interests!  Thank You for your consideration.

In 2006, I had an extraordinary experience with the Sedona Mountains and Energies, and feel called to share it with as many people as I can.  I 'downloaded' (for lack of a better word) Actions to take, words to write, and a 'Letter of Intent To Find' that helped bring my now-husband to me shortly after.  I will relay All of this information to you! 

Trial by Fire, indeed.  If there's a more apt metaphor for this, I've yet to hear it.  Are you ready for Change?  These Events are the Real Deal, people:   you may even have to pass by Fire Ants to get to the gazebo!  

Please note that I will closely monitor if / when they appear in the days beforehand.  Though avoidance of the ant hills is necessary, they do primarily stay in specific areas of the Garden.  I've received guidance that they are amenable to us being in their space.  Be assured that I will help you get past them if they are in the area, and Events will be postponed beforehand if I feel it strongly.

One class is all that you will need.  No return commitment necessary!  I have been blessed enough to have received information, and I am Healed and Positively Changed for it!  I feel intuitively that it's meant to circulate to others:  Help me help you Find Your True Love—for Life! 




 I know Fear.  Recently I came to Sedona, emotionally limping from Fear, begging the Mountains and Sedona Energy help me.  They have, and intuitively I feel asked in turn to share this information with others!  This event will be held every Friday

 July 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, 2017

6-7 pm   in the Peace Garden/Gazebo. 

All attendants are to gather outside the entrance of the garden, in the back parking lot for the beginning of the event.

 Registration necessary:  415-317-3518 or email

Free of Charge to all; donation accepted if strongly called.

Closed shoes necessary; some walking involved.