Eagle Quetzal Condor Unite:

Arhuaco Elder Returns To Sedona, Arizona from Colombia

You are invited to join, as we circle once again to learn from reflecting cultures:

• The importance of sacred sites & the natural world

• Eco awareness & its relationship to our personal ecology

• How we can give back to mother earth

• Keeping our environment in balance with our spiritual & material needs

September 16 & 17, 2017


Cost:  $33 for both days

Tickets:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eagle-quetzal-condor-unite-arhuaco-elder-returns-tickets-35192137631   

No Refunds For This Event


Join us for the chance to meet and communicate with this amazing indigenous elder. In addition, the Arhuaco elder will assist the community in creating an understanding how to protect the sacred lands of Sedona. There will also beautiful Arhuaco arts and crafts available for purchase, and Calixto is Offering Pre Booked Divinations and Sessions.

The International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom (ICSAW) is an organization that is dedicated to preserving ancient wisdoms and traditions of indigenous cultures throughout the world. ttp://eaglequetzalcondor.org/
For more info: email icsawaz@gmail.com

More About Our Speaker Calixto Suarez:  http://www.calixtosuarez.com/language/en/portfolio/who-am-i/

Benefactors are welcome to sponsor Our Indigenous Peoples Travels. We can Provide a 501c3 Tax Write Off.

Sedona, AZ ICSAW presents a rare opportunity to hear a native Arhuaco elder from Columbia, speak on important social and environmental issues. Calixto, our Arhuaco elder will present his wisdom regarding the preservation and protection of sacred lands and traditions.

 We will also be joined by Local Native American Tribal people: Opening Ceremony by Uqualla, from the Havasupi;  Ruben Saufkie Sr. & family, from Hopi, sharing a traditional ceremonial dance; and Mayan Jose Munoz.

The Arhuaco people come from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a pyramid-shaped mountain on the northern tip of the Andes. The peak of the mountain is over 16,000 feet high. To the Arhuaco people, the Sierra Nevada is the “heart of the world” and is surrounded by sacred ancestral sites that they are attempting to protect from development and destruction. In Columbia, the Arhuaco have initiated a strong political movement in defense of their homelands.

“There is, around the Sierra and the whole planet, a net of interconnected energies as if it were a spider web,” say the Arhuaco elders. “Sierra Nevada is the epicenter where these energies are born. That’s why we say we are at the heart of the world. Our purpose is to recover the lands within the limits of the ancestral territory, the holy places, which are so important for mankind.”