Calling in the Angels

with Cecelia Star

Just about every major religious practice reveres angels. Angels are considered our messengers, healers, and protectors. That said, what do we really know about them beyond the superficial? And how many of us communicate with them daily or otherwise include them in our lives in practical ways?

Come learn more about these magnificent beings as well as experience their frequency through a healing facilitated by Cecelia Star.

In true angelic fashion plan to have lots of fun while being fundamentally uplifted and/or shifted! A drawing for one of Cecelia's empowered mugs will also be conducted.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

2-3:30pm in the Sedona Room

Cost: $45/door

For online/telephone attendance, email:

or call  561-843-2810 for more information.


Angels come in all varieties and can be soothing nurturers, fun/playful companions, or fierce protective warriors. Now more than ever we need them to help us stay grounded, protected and on track. In this workshop you will learn how to live a more fulfilling, magical angelic journey on this earth plane.
Workshop topics and features:  1.  An overview of various angel phylums (categories),  2.  Techniques and exercises for protection, prosperity, travel etc.,  3.  Soft, yet profound angelic healing, 4.  Fun and much more...

"A big powerful angel appeared behind me to assist Cecelia in the work she was doing on me. Her Empowered Water has an angelic quality to it, while her empowered oil is extremely powerful with a galactic quality to it."  ~  Carolina T., Wellington, FL

"Immediately after receiving a karmic healing and Reiki Tummo session from Cecelia, I not only felt good, an angel appeared to me and said “the past is the past.” This brought tears to my eyes. I got up and danced around a little, feeling free and light with no pain at all in my legs at the time. The next day I did not need a cane to walk. I had many emotional releases and shortly afterwards I had 3 speaking engagements and was given a plane ticket by my sister. Overall I’m happier and my insights have been accelerated."  ~   Joanna G., Greenacres, FL



About Cecelia Star:

Ever since childhood, Cecelia Star has had a special connection with the angelic realm. Her clients have often seen angels around her. Cecelia hails from Jamaica and is a multi-talented individual, with a degree in psychology from Cornell University and a law degree from Northeastern University. She is a former Administrative Law Judge, who subsequently opened her own law practice.

In addition to an author of young adult and children’s books, she is also an ordained minister, an artist, and metaphysical healer. Her readings, healings, art, and writings contain angelic energy and are meant to inspire and transform.

Since 1996 she has been actively pursuing her spiritual development by attending seminars, joining a mystery school, getting healings, activations (including her kundalini) and becoming a Reiki channel, Reconnective, karmic healer—to name a few—while simultaneously practicing law.

When her father transitioned in 2003 (who had been a Rosicrucian), Cecelia Star delved further into creative, esoteric and spiritual matters. As she evolved spiritually, she increasingly followed her passion which is being of joyful, meaningful Service whether through her healings, artwork or books.

Cecelia Star can be contacted through