New Moon Manifestation Paint your Dreams; Enhanced Vision Board

Presented by Sheryl Rogers

Using the energy of the New Moon, your prayers, dreams and desires will be revealed on canvas in living color.  You may not recognize what is revealed as the paint spontaneously moves throughout the canvas.  However, your energy and intentions allow the playfulness and freedom of the process to create a work of art you’ll be proud to hang on your wall. 

A great personalized tool for meditation.  The process is all about play and having fun.  Play with color, paint, brushes, and water to reveal what comes through you onto the canvas not what you think should come through. Mater painters are also encouraged to come play.

No previous art experience necessary just the desire to explore, create and have fun!   Master painters are also encouraged to come play.

June 25 , 2017 

4-6pm in the Art Cabin

Cost:  $47 prepaid and $55 at the door.  This includes all your supplies.

Info:  or call Sheryl 928-282-1222

Paint N Play is an expressive and joyful process of creating works of art.  Paint  N Play is not a structured paint by numbers kind of class.  

At Paint N Play, we teach creativity not technique. The journey is more important than the outcome.

Your process begins with a meditation to clear the mind of any thoughts, concepts, ideas or beliefs of a how a painting should be painted or how a painting should look when it is complete.  After you have been given art guidelines, we begin to create in a supportive environment created to breakthrough limitations and fear.  

We play with paint, color, sponges, brushes, water or anything else you are guided to use in the process, to see what wants to come through you onto the canvas.  We never try to make a painting.

Once I see how you paint and where your personal blocks may be, we co-create your individual support to bring out your inner creator.  You will not only leave with a work of art worthy of framing, you will also have the skill to continue the creative process at home.

  • Discover your innate ability to create, personal flow and style.
  • Develop your connection to Source and the instinctive creator within.
  • Explore your connection to a living painting.
  • Release old patterns and conditioning.
  • Begin to dissolve fear and creative blocks.

New Moon Manifestation Paint your Dreams; Enhanced Vision Board

Through the Paint N Play process, we connect with the energy of the New Moon to bring in our dreams and desires onto canvas.

If it's a new home you would like to manifest you don't paint a house.  Through guided meditation you paint from the place of joy the new home would bring you.  

The final painting is now embedded with your personal energy and the heightened manifest energy of the New Moon offering you an amazing tool of meditation.