Channeling Universal Truths: Thriving in a 5th Dimensional Consciousness

with Micheila Sheldan, Intuitive Channel

Join Internationally-known Intuitive Channel, Micheila Sheldan, for an interactive event that will help you thrive during a very important planetary transition in our earth record.  Hear directly from Higher Dimensional Beings and Collectives about the recent planetary shifts, the affects they are having in our physical world and how to easily integrate the new energies.

Experience the love and healing energy of Mary Magdalene. Become uplifted by Ascended Masters and the hope they hold for our future. Participate in guided meditations and vibrational processes to clear, heal and activate your chakras and DNA. And, gain inspiration and tools for maintaining and raising your vibration from multi-dimensional beings who are here to support our evolution. Ask your personal or universal question of the Guides present.

 September 30, 2017

1-3pm in the Sedona Room.

Cost:  $35

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During this 2-hour interactive event, you will:

  • Hear directly from Higher Dimensional Beings and Collectives about recent planetary shifts and the affects they are having in your physical and non-physical reality;

  • Learn  how to easily integrate the new energies and bridge comfortably into 5D energies;

  • Discover fascinating information about the multi-dimensional universe, human history and creation, our DNA, the soul’s journey and our ascension timeline;

  • Participate in guided meditations and vibrational processes to clear, heal and activate your chakras and DNA;

  • Ask your personal question of the many Guides, Beings and Collectives present  and loving receive loving  support on your soul journey;

  • Gain inspiration and tools for maintaining and raising your vibration in your day-to-day walk of life from multi-dimensional beings who are here to support our evolution.

"I want you to know how profoundly life-changing these classes are for me. I have been journaling and writing down dreams which have been informing me in the very lessons of the weekly classes. I relisten many times especialy to the activations. It is all perfectly suited and aligned with what I need. Tonight was so relaxing and thoroughly beautiful I could just weep, but there are no tears, only a sense of aliveness and support. There is so much massive information in these seemingly simple channelings and yet the intention and attention to these details is a lively art. I have noticed I have an increased awareness in peripheral vision and my appreciation for what is around me, because it just feels magical, is ten-fold. This information is so timely and I am grateful to have met you in this way. Thank you and thank you again to you and the collective we are joined with."  Anne Elizabeth, Oregon

What people are saying about Micheila:

"Thank you so much for the blessing tonight in the form of your Inner Circle Class. The messages and teachings that came through were so spot on for me personally and I imagine the others who were present.  My vibration is higher, my heart soring, my issues addressed, sadness lifted. You are such a beautiful channel and teacher, your work resonates with others I have worked with and I feel very grateful that the Universe and G-D has allowed us to co-create together.I look forward to what may come from other times spent with you."    Susan, New York

"This is to thank you so much for the Inner Circle Class you so generously provided us last night with the Pleiadian Collective. Every time I have the privilege of participating in one of your sessions, I come away with a clearer, more peaceful understanding of the meaning of our lives. On a personal note, the strides I have made since first hearing you and our personal session have been monumental.  Sitting in your space and co creating with the Collective feels so much like home to me.  I am blessed and grateful."  Bless you and sending much love,  Susan, New York

"I wanted to just say again, thank you for the service you are providing for the world. Your Ligthworker Inner Circle Course came for me at the right time, after about 30 years on a spiritual path, but at a time when my life and the world just all seem to be going crazy. I don't know what condition I would be in now if I hadn't had this material for the past few months. I still see and feel all the craziness around me, but with the repeated exposure to your channeled sessions and vibration, I have been able to hold myself together. This is very important because I have two young children. Even better than just holding myself "together," actually, I feel spiritually stronger than ever and even somewhat neutral in the face of the recent world events. I now that this is all due to you and what you are bringing to the world. I thank you for your bravery, strength, clarity and generosity."  Stacy, Durham, North Carolina.


About Micheila Sheldan:

Micheila is an Intuitive Channel who has the ability to connect with a variety of Guides, Interdimensional Beings and Collectives, including Mary Magdalene, Archangels, Jeremiah, the Ancients, the 9th Dimensional Lemurian and Pleiadian Collectives, Arcturians, the Council of Light and many others.

 Micheila channels detailed information about our history, structure, ascension and transition to a fifth dimensional consciousness. Her awakening came during a struggle with debilitating chronic pain. Through her connection to Source and her Guides, Micheila completely healed herself, leaving her mainstream life behind to fully pursue her soul’s purpose as a channel. 

Micheila’s mission is to inspire others to fearlessly live their soul’s higher purpose and to support Lightworkers through a very transitional time in our planet’s history.  Micheila also believes she incarnated here in this time as a conduit for Lightworkers to identify and activate their collective assignment or signature imprint.  She is able to transmit light coded frequencies and vibrational healings as a vessel for crystalline light through channeled messages and activations.


She is also currently channeling a detailed book that explains the history behind human creation, how we were designed to live at our soul’s highest expression and how we will heal and rebirth many aspects of our collective reality.

Micheila is the Executive Director of the Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution, a volunteer organization focused on raising the consciousness of the planet.  In this position, Micheila works with volunteers on a variety of projects ranging from conscious action initiatives and youth programs to the organization’s international Awake and Empowered Expo and Magazine. She is also the mother of two very gifted teenage daughters.