Supporting The Star-Children: A Workshop for Parents & Teachers

 with Cynthia Starborn

About Cynthia Starborn:

Cynthia Starborn is a channel for the children, a soul guide and teacher, and a minister of conscious evolution.   Her mission is to help children and families shine as the stars they are here to be.

Trained in Akashic Records Soul Clearing, with a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology, Cynthia draws upon over a decade of experience teaching children of all ages, including many with so-called “special needs.”

She now works as a team with many star-beings, including the guides of the Akashic Records, in order to provide you and your child with the wisdom and practical tools you need to experience greater peace, fulfillment, and joy.

Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Cynthia lived in France for two years and is fluent in French, Spanish, and English.  She is happy to connect and to offer private sessions in any of these languages.


Today's children bring a wave of new energy; the energy of the stars from which they come.  How can we best support them in shining their unique Light at home, at school, and in their community?  

Join Cynthia Starborn for a transformative workshop that will strengthen your understanding of your children and provide you with practical ways to help them be the "stars" they are here to be.   Bring your hopes and dreams for your children, as well as your challenges, this event will be tailored to the needs of the group.

Monday, June 5, 2017

7-9pm in the Universal Room

Cost:  $40 at the door, $35 in advance at