Embodied Enlightenment And The Energy of Lack Retreat

Presented by Yasmina Bauernfeind

This is a journey into the magic of embodied enlightenment. Beyond all teachings, methods and modalities Yasmina offers a visceral, tangible experience into the mystery of your true eternal nature. It is no longer time to search for guidance, follow teachers or be on a spiritual quest as both - new age and traditional spirituality - have run their course. While old timelines are collapsing, it is NOW to simply remember who you really are and reconnect with the wonder of a limitless life.

THE SPHERES OF GENESIS ®  are a gateway into the core of primordial existence, offered by SOPHIA, the Divine Mother of Creation. Sophia is accompanied by her powerful Crystalline Dragons who stir us out of our age-old slumber of unconscious loops of earth sojourns. With fierce yet gentle might the Dragons lift the veils and unlock the sheaths that cover your DNA with the artificial programs of lack, fear and separation, while Sophia holds us in loving embrace. It is time for your empowered sovereignty!

As we draw closer into awakening and enlightenment we are becoming more acutely aware of the energy of lack. Lack is a great teacher and whether we lack energy, safety, health or money – the underlying nature of lack always keeps a much vaster context under lock. The energy of lack keeps us in the throngs of separation and often serves as a pretense for not moving forward into our expansion. Yet, the entire Universe must expand.

This retreat supports us in our quest for MORE – spiritually and materially. In the age of duality, we lived in a state of “either or.” The age of enlightenment teaches us about the unifying nature of “and.”


  •  TEACHING – presentations and insights of the New Energy
  •  EXPLORATION – communing with Gaia’s crystalline support within the vortexes
  •  MERGER – anchoring through YOGA

May 10-14, 2017

9am-1pm in the Sedona Room

Cost:  $900.

Info:  www.pink-earth.com/sedona-arizona



About Yasmina Baurenfeind:

Yasmina was born awake. Yet most of the condition could not be embodied here. It was 1979 when she experienced full enlightenment again. 1985 she met her Divine Compliment, a Spiritual Master. She lived, traveled and trained with him until he passed on in 2014.

In 2002, she went through a deep encounter with the Divine Mother. She ended her career as an international filmmaker and began working with groups and individuals dedicated to their awakening.

Yasmina’s approach has never engaged in methods, programs or techniques of the new age self-help arena, nor has she used traditional paths and approaches for liberation.

Her life is about the New Energy and her presence on the planet has helped – among many others – to bring about the awakening, which is taking shape at this time.

Her tangible impact has been slowly unfolding – in stillness, almost seclusion – waiting to come online during these very pivotal times of a fundamental, planetary shift.