Group Healing Event - Creator Codes Transmission

Presented by Emmanuel Elkatron

Creator Codes Transmission is a process of activation of the Golden Spectrum of Light frequencies within individuals. We will allow for the integration of other-dimensional aspects of self, as we engage in multi-versatile, inter-dimensional engineering.

This process has a tremendous healing potential on individual, collective, planetary level and beyond.

Many of you have called this forth, through the remembrance of your original blueprint, knowing that it would be restored in this incarnation. We are here to fulfill that promise.  The time is now.

Friday, May 12, 2017

7-8:30pm in the Great Room

Cost: $33/door

Advance ticket purchase:




Thank you for your choice to consciously evolve!



“The session was awesome! Since working with you I am feeling 500% better and more confident, no more constant worries or paranoia. I feel calm and strong, having strong focus and feel like I am connected to the infinite source of energy!"  - Zachary Watson

"As a long time energy worker, I can feel when the energy is strong and pure, and it certainly was in this session. It was a deep clearing, and deep activation. What you are doing is blessing for many people." - Diana Gazes

"During the sessions I was seeing visions, and I normally don't see things clairvoyantly, but this time I had both physical/ physiological sensations and visions. I also felt that there was a lot of presence and assistance in the room, and I received a visual communication from it when I asked for it, which is not normal for me, and that was really cool (client laughing). Thank you very much!"  - B. B.

About Emmanuel Elkatron:

"Ever since childhood I had an awareness of the metaphysical aspect of life. At the age of 4 I had a conscious remembrance of my multi-dimensional self.

Different psychic and healing abilities were present in individuals throughout my family lineage, but it wasn’t until my late twenties that I have consciously awakened to it.

At present, most of my focus and energy is invested in removal of discordant energy as well as the activation of the advanced states of consciousness in individuals, groups and land.

My life is humbly dedicated to healing and awakening of humanity and Earth. My dedication and service are offered in honor and glory of The Most Radiant One, for the protection and advancement of life, intelligence, and freedom."