Sacred Journey of Sols Elemental Shift - Lead into Gold

with Gary Caton and Gemini Brett

Inspiring StarryTellers, Gary Caton and Gemini Brett, weave wondrous works of wisdom and wit.  We are dawning into an Enlightened Age, but will we free Freedom without facing the cage?  What do the Planets and Prophecies have to say and how can we align to lead the way?  How can we unravel the bonds of outer authority to reveal our greatest inner gift?  This is Sovereignty.  This is Awakening.  This is Ascension.  This is The Shift.  And this Cosmic Creative Life Event is arriving to give you a Lift!

Gemini will start the show by launching us into Space to gaze upon the starry structure of Galactic Alignment and the Turning of the Ages.  Together, we will honor our time on the cosmic clock and hear prophetic promises from many cultures’ sages.  As you know, it is true that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and the wait is over.

Gary will bring us back to Earth where we will see the promise of a coming Elemental Shift reflected by the lights of Jupiter and Saturn.  A seed planted deep in the Earth 200 years ago is about to sprout to stretch in new Air.  Gary will present us with practical alchemical exercises to tune ourselves to the highest intent of this powerful chord heard from the Gas Giant instruments of the Celestial Symphony.

After presenting their Shamanic Slideshows, Gary and Gemini will lead us outside to witness stellar slides on the big screen called Living Sky.  We will see Jupiter’s Acronychal rise and, before Mars sets in the West, we will be tuned into a dualistic dance of Moon that initiates Unity through collective re-membering.

Whether this will be your first trip into the Starry Study or you are a seasoned master of SpaceTime, this Satrunsday Jupiter journey with Gary and Gemini is sure to confirm what you already know, open new windows of contemplation and practical play, and offer even more questions than answers.

See you in Space!

Saturday, April 8, 2017 

4:44pm  in the Sedona Room

Cost: $22 at door

Followed by Night Sky School on the Observation Deck

 “Wow, just wow! Gemini is a powerful speaker, storyteller, and weaver of myths, legends, lore, and science.  His talk was spellbinding and really made me understand and feel my connections to the stars and planets.  Wonderful!!!”  ~   Suzanne A.

About Gemini Brett:

As a certifiable StarryTeller, Gemini Brett, devotes his Now as a living vow to the Marriage of Heaven and Earth.  The world might not have ended in 2012, but Brett’s sure did.  He reintroduced himself to the light of Jupiter one night in the jungles of Peru and was shocked to hear the Gas Giant Guru speak back:  a four hour transmission that began with, “sit down, boy” and ended with clear directions for a lifetime of starry study and sharing. 

Check out Gemini Brett’s active YouTube Channel and StarryTelling Podcast.  His most recent creation is “Arts of the Chart,” an ongoing open source (that means free!) astrology course taught through the sacred sciences of the Quadrivium:  Sacred Geometry, Musical Harmony, Astronomy, and Number in Nature.

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About Gary P. Caton:

Gary  was initiated an astrologer via a dream in 1993.  He’s known for delivering practical insights, inspirational anecdotes, and transformational tools from a unique and wide ranging blend of spiritual traditions and practices.  You can catch him via his popular Hermetic Astrology Podcast, on his frequent lecture tours, or by scheduling an atro-counseling consult. 

Have a glimpse at Gary’s “An Astronomical View of Venus Retrograde” in the April/May 2017 issue of  “The Mountain Astrologer” and you will see a seasoned practitioner who is out to seed a beautiful revolution within the realms of the cosmic craft.

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