Hydrate to Health Presentation

Mary & Sue's Journey with Sue Henderson

Sue Henderson is owner and founder of Connecting Hearts Home Care in Kentucky.  She shares a touching and shocking story how one elderly woman healed herself by staying hydrated.  Sue was so inspired by Mary's experience that she began a Hydrate to Health campaign around the country helping
people to reclaim their health.

Sue, and her husband Terry, a chiropractor, both believe in a holistic approach to health care.  The focus  is on hydration and nutrition; staying both physically and mentally active.  This holistic approach
extends into the community through her popular presentations.  She has begun to partner with other
companies in an effort to expand in the education opportunities on water.

Please join us for this heart warming journey to a better quality of life.

April 1, 2017

7-8pm in the Sedona Room

Cost:  $20. at the door, cash only

 Info:  sue@connectinghearts.net  www.connectinghearts.net

Contact:  Sue Henderson ~ 859-992-1091