Sound Activation Events

with Christina Wells

Christina Wells is a multi-dimensional being and a channel of sound and frequency.  These highly encoded frequencies activate the lightbody, align the axiatonal system, and awaken the dormant genetic codes that naturally exist within all of us.  These sound activations are a key role in the ascension process of mankind.  Ascension in and of itself is essentially a waking up process and an activation of all the places that have been ‘turned off’ for centuries.  Now that mankind is moving towards the golden age it is time to activate these dormant codes that lie within all of us. 

These sound and light codes work on various levels of the multi-dimensional body as Christina takes you on a journey into various aspects of each layer.

Part of these activations also includes harmonizing oneself with the natural cycles and rhythms of life.   Everything in life is a spiral and grows.  Do you want to feel in resonance and harmony with life?

This is why Christina offers her activations with the New and Full Moon cycles.  Connecting us to the natural rhythms of the genetic cosmos.  The whole universe is singing a galactic song that can easily be tapped into within through sound.   It is through the void and surrendering aspects of the feminine that these codes of light are discovered and awakened and Christina feels it is important to include the sounds of Gaia – for she is also awakening – in these activations and journeys.   For we are her children collectively creating the songs of humanity, and as we awaken we can unite this song through the heartbeat of Gaia to step into full alignment. 

March 26 – Vocal Sound Journey
New Moon in Aries

April 10 – Goddess Sound Activation
Full Moon in Libra

 Both events from 7-8:30pm in the Chapel

Both offerings will be an activation, however on April 10th, I will be offering an additional activation of unique codes of the Divine Feminine to conjunct with the Full Moon in Libra who is ruled by Venus.  These codes are available to both women and men!


“Christina is an amazing sound alchemist.  Her use of sound through her voice, crystal bowls, drum and rattle is able to reach in and unlock and activate areas of your true self, your "Divine Blueprint". 

Which in my case has allowed me to come more into my own voice and power.  My session with her in Mount Shasta was powerful and life changing.  Through her intuitive voice and song she led me to a place within myself that I was able to step out of my comfort zone and release my own voice in a way I had always blocked. 

I left the session feeling open and transformed, like I had found a lost piece of me.  The transformation has lasted too.  It's now almost 6 months later and my "voice" continues to unfold in many areas of my life.  Thank you Christina for a beautiful and life expanding experience.”  ~ Bob B.

From Christina...

"As a multi-dimensional being of light I am in a constant state of allowance and surrender.  I LOVE what I do and being of service! And I feel so blessed to be walking this life path.

It is through the voice and sound that I awakened to my self, activated that which had been sleeping, and discovered my passion and purpose.

I am many things, as are you.  I am a Master Creator, as are you.  And I have come here during this time of planetary awakening to activate these codes of light within mankind. 

My mission is to vocally activate everyone so that we may each stand in our power as master creators and sing, vibrate, and live our song collectively ~ creating the rainbow choir of light that we are. 

I am here with an open heart, PLEASE reach out if you feel the call!"

About Christina Wells:

Christina is a world traveler currently living in Mount Shasta, CA.   She offers international workshops, retreats, online courses, private sessions and coaching.

 As this work is multi-dimensional it is equally as powerful online as it is in person.
The key is in the self.

To learn more about Christina, her offerings and to contact her…