Enter Your Heart

with Iryna Eysmont

About Iryna Eysmont:

"I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and experienced everything of what was then a communistic-country living through family, education and culture.  I received a degree as a music teacher and worked with young preschool children back in Ukraine and in the USA since 2005.

Beginning from 2009, I have been both directly and indirectly involved with many of Drunvalo’s and Claudette Melchizedek’s workshops as a student helper at their workshops, and now as a teacher of Awakening the Illuminated Heart.

Today I’m still adding pieces to the entire map of Earthly experience we are all graduating from now, and about our next step in creation. Now I’m using this talent to assist others consciously Remember and reclaim who and what they are, by helping them to integrate into now their pain and limitations, and bring fire of joy and excitement again into their eyes, hearts and lives!

Awakening the Illuminated Heart teaching is perfect ground for creating a map of how everything works in this present Earthly experience we are all graduating from now, and about our next step. It is the way to Remember and reclaim your place in Divine Creation that is your birth right.  I’m very humbled and honored to be able to assist you in your choice to Remember."

What students are saying about this class...

Mehboobali D. Vancouver. BC Canada:
"This is the best healing experience I have had in my life. I have been to several healers over 17 years, but this was the best. My transformation was instantaneous."

Holly S. Orem, UT:
"If there is any teacher I have come across that embodies teaching from the heart it is Iryna. I am so thankful to have been lead to this amazing human being."

Vashael A. West Point, UT:
"I experienced an expansion of consciousness that I did not expect....and was delighted to participate in this heart energy!!! Profoundly moving return to who we really are !!! Thank you for this gift!"

Sandy J. Phoenix, AZ:
"What an incredible experience, it was so magical I didn't want it to end."

Martha B. Lake Forest, CA:
"Iryna is so intuitively guiding you right through the process. Awesome experience to make a shift."

Fernando G. San Antonio, TX:
"Oh my gosh!! I feel like I finally remember who I am. Iryna is so masterful at what she does, it is unreal. I really felt at ease, comfortable, and taken care of more than I have in any other similar setting. For anyone reading this: what are you waiting for?? You will not be disappointed."

Tom B. West Point, UT:
"An incredible Feminine presence. Full of joy and love. A very well crafted teaching style . It was the funnest workshop I've ever been in. lf you truly want to see some one Sparkle and Shine. You must be in her presence and look in to her eyes a true spark of LOVE. She is an Inspiration. You can not go wrong in taking her class. May Peace be with you."

Debbie D. Mandeville, LA:
"It was truly a magical experience! Thank you Iryna!!! Your Love, Passion and Compassion, shines through your very soul. This is truly what you are meant to do on this Earth."

Profound Ancient Way to Remember and Enter Sacred Spaces of Your Heart. Introduction to Drunvalo Melchizedek’s,  “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” presented by Certified Teacher, Iryna Eysmont.

Fun experiential class-introduction with movement and visual meditations, and fun practices.
It’s a wonderful gift of Remembering on your Soul journey!

 During this class-introduction you will Remember and understand yourself on very deep level beyond all patterns and programs of modern life.  Would Love to See You

Thursday, April 13, 2017

7-8:30pm in the Art Cabin

Cost:  $30 individual / $55 couple

Bring your eye mask or soft eye cover

Reserve early, space is limited.

Details & Registration: iryna.eysmont@gmail.com http://theschoolofremembering.com/teacher/3371

The knowledge presented in the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop is Drunvalo life’s work and in my opinion is one of the most profound teachings on the planet today to assist in Remembering. It’s a blend of both modern and ancient science with complete understanding of human consciousness, a map for the movement to the next dimensional level as well to bring quality to your third density life you live today. It is a profound and yet simple way that is natural and complete.

This workshop will show you the Sacred Place where you find who you really are and how to remember and make your way back to the doorway of that Holy Place where All is One.    Once this door is opened, life will never be the same. 

 During four days of the workshop you will receive both information and have direct experience, which in the past would take 20-40 years of study, meditation and practice.     You will remember and experience your connection to the Mother-Earth and Father-Sky through Unity Breath Meditation; open your heart and enter the Sacred Space and Tiny Space of the Heart; remember your connection to your Higher Self and be able to receive all answers directly from this connection; live happy and successful life from your Heart.

  •  You will also experience Universal Love sound healing and the feminine aspect of this knowledge through the Sufi blessing dance meditation, dancing in the dark meditation and The Blue School of Claudette Melchizedek meditations.
  •  You will then remember and see the difference between living from Love versus from fear, creating from the heart versus from the brain. Then through the specific steps you will activate the Beams of Light that together with opening of 3rd eye and connecting brain to the heart will activate the halo around your head and naturally activate your light body the Mer-Ka-Ba which will become permanent.
  •  You will then know and clearly understand how to create anything you desire from the Tiny Space of the Heart. You will remember that key point to everything you desire is your Illuminated Heart.

Remembering is only part of your awakening to the Reality. To move into your Divine Power, to “remember and reclaim collapsing everything in between” you will be given tools for practical applications of ATIH material with Q&A on all aspects of this knowledge. You will be able to integrate into now any emotional blockages, mental patterns and unresolved memories not based on Love.

During the workshop you will receive assistance in completely anchoring the ATIH Teachings into your daily life to be in harmony with Mother Earth and entire Universe; in returning fire of happiness into your eyes and hearts, remembering how to live joyfully your daily life now, how to integrate into your present any unresolved childhood memories and how to access your divine power without resistance.

 You will be given tools to find events, patterns, beliefs that blocking you from living constantly experiencing your natural joy and excitement that are Alpha waves produced by the gland located in your brain; to remember and acknowledge your connection to the genius child that lives inside of you.  Knowledge presented at the workshop will assist you in remembering your connection to Higher Self, Inner Child and Loving Adult within you, which consist of Feminine and Masculine Flows. You will remember that you are Powerful Creator, Sovereign Being with 100% free will and how to use this natural birth given right. You will be able to balance and understand relationships with family, partners and with yourself.