The Healer's Wings: Healing in Parallels

Presented by Nicole Pulvermacher

Consider me a spiritual facilitator to help you move gracefully to heal and awaken to the gifts that are awaiting you.

  •  You will experience a meditation that guides you to release anything that isn’t for your highest good.
  •  You will learn about thought-forms and an easy way to release them.
  •  You will learn about the shadow-side and karmic debt.
  •  You will learn a new way to balance your chakras with a pendulum.
  •  You will learn about the power of blessings.
  •  You will learn a deeper understanding of how Laws of Attraction works.
  •  You will learn how to release some of the pain that you are holding onto that does not allow the victim to surface.
  •  And much more. This is one workshop you will not want to miss!

    As a Laws of Attraction connoisseur, I’ve learned that the more you talk about the problem the bigger it gets. These retreats are designed to assist you in the healing process without talking about problem specifics.

    No one will know what your role in the parallel is while you are at these retreats unless you choose to share it with them. This is to avoid feeding the lower vibrating emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, fear, or feeding the ego so you don't go into victim mode.

    I will share some of my most vulnerable moments with you, as they have no power over me anymore. I will be the example of what it looks and feels like to free yourself, from the ego, shame, guilt, anger, and heartbreak.

   Through love, compassion and understanding, together we will go on a healing journey to more clearly understand the process of how we got here. It is a safe space.

    You will walk away with a new outlook on life. You will leave the retreat with some valuable tools to continue the process in reconnecting with your inner child. Together we will spark the violet flame within your heart.

    It is time to honor all parts of you. It is time to break away from the chains that have been holding you away from God's Love, which is Self Love. Are you ready to bring back your inner child? Are you ready to remember what true love feels like?



“Ya know I used to be jealous of those people who just shined, like you could feel their shiny presence when you were around them and then I realized I'm now one of them. It's so awesome to be healed! And shiny and positive. I've had multiple people comment on how happy I look and been told I'm the kinda girl who's ready for a relationship and these people continue to say I'll find a good man and are on the look out for me. But I LOVE being healed and people noticing and being a presence they want to be around. This feeling is so awesome, inside and out I feel amazing! And I thank you for that. You are so talented and awesome. Oh and that job I wanted is in the works.” - Jen


“Nicole is a beautiful person inside and out. My experience with her has been exceptional. Her work is amazing and she has a beautiful way to talk to you. I have had nothing but the most amazing sessions with her and would recommend all of her services.” - Erica


“I have had the wonderful opportunity to receive life coaching sessions from this gifted and caring woman. Which really helped me address issues in my life and focus on making much needed changes. Nicole is an amazing individual and I highly recommend her services.  She's an extraordinary human being who really does care and has great insight and positive energy.”  - Paula

What People Have Experienced From These Sessions:

 During our meditation process clients have reported seeing people they may have been mad at or are currently still mad at. Sometimes the same person continuously shows up to let you know you have not learned the karmic lesson yet.

No need to worry about not having learned the lesson because you will always have another opportunity to get it right. Once you understand how you got there, you can free yourself in your own time.

Others have experienced seeing images such as eagles, owls, and symbols like a triangle with an eye or circle above it. They have also received images from their higher-self. Everyone gets exactly what they need at that time. Some people have experienced the release of pain in their body almost as if someone is removing it from them.

Coming Soon

 The importance of Self Love and connecting to your inner child. Victim's of police abuse, polices officers, anyone with PTSD, and the observers. Victims of child abuse, sexual or physical, the abusers, and the observers.

The Healer's Wings Healing Kit

 You will receive your own healing kit.

  •  A pendulum
  •  A chart on how to balance your chakras using a pendulum
  •  Spiritual Blessings
  •  A mirror technique – for self-empowerment
  •  And much more...

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Healing in Parallels:  Let’s go on a spiritual journey within to release any emotional pain from being cheated on, being the other woman/man, or being the observer of it.  This includes anyone who is trying to release the pain from a failed relationship.

January 20, 2017

1:30-5pm in the Sedona Room

Cost: $333

Advance tickets:

Tickets will also be available for purchase the day of the event.

Info/Reservations:  414-214-0106 (seating is limited)


Healing in Parallels:  Let’s go on a spiritual journey within to release any emotional pain from having an abortion, a miscarriage, or having a child die shortly after birth.

January 16, 2017

1:30-5pm in the Sedona Room

Cost: $333

Advance tickets:

Tickets will also be available for purchase the day of the event.

Info/Reservations:  414-214-0106 (seating is limited)