Medical Qigong Presented by Sedona Qigong Institute

 Facilitated by Julie Engsberg and Lisa Dubrow

Join Sedona Qigong Institute for three (3) in-depth Sessions of Medical Qigong!  

Facilitated by instructiors Julie Engsberg, DMQ, ME and Lisa Dubrow, MMQ, CA

2016 Schedule

May 21

July 9

 August 20

2-4pm in the Sedona Room

Early registration $49/session, $120/series

At the door, $55 each session.

Registration by email at, or at the door.

For information:   Lisa:  805-705-4122 or Julie: 928-399-9631



Medical Qigong combines knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the development of “Energy Skill” to address specific imbalances in the Energetics of the Body. 

In this Series of three (3) workshops, we learn TCM theory, develop Energy awareness to see, feel, and imagine energy, and learn Energy movement techniques. 

Session 1: Release Qi. 

Learn to purge the body of negative emotional-energetic patterns, using movement, sound, and visualization.  Emotional experience, Energetic Knowledge and Heartfelt Intention combine to powerfully move energy and create the way for a new way of being.


Session 2:  Cultivate Qi.

Use Taoist practices to become more vital and bring a higher vibrational state of being into reality.  Through releasing (Session 1) we bring about an emptiness that we can fill with Divine qualities, and purposeful intention.   


Session 3: Experience Qi.   

Going deep with meditation, we will use inner awareness to assess the state of our energy, learn Energy movement techniques, and develop understanding of maintaining balance day-to-day.