Sonic Massage with Gongs

by Faye Henry

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

7 -8pm  in the Sedona Room  

$25 pre paid at or $30 at the door



Phone: 706-857-6300

What to bring

  • Yoga mat or blanket to lie on and a light blanket for warmth, as needed (chairs are available if preferred)
  • Loose clothing for maximum comfort as you are bathed in the vibration of the gongs
  • Pillow for head or knees, or both
  • An open heart willing to be rejuvenated to your natural state
  • Water to drink (no other type beverages or food allowed)


About Faye Henry

Faye Henry, a woman with an outlook that could quite possibly transform the world, brings with her a palette full of skills: Pilot, air traffic controller, business owner, underwater videographer and photographer, video editor, computer programmer and web developer, gong artist, drummer, to name a few.

On a fall day in 2001, Faye walked into an herb store looking for carrot oil and came out with a whole new path in life. While she was in the herb store she was invited to attend a Reiki class. Against all odds and being extremely skeptical, she wound up in the class. This led to emotional healing classes, access energy transformation classes, quantum touch healing, dowsing, essential oils, lymphatic drainage study, and the clarity that the key to healing is sound and color.



 Faye's gong sessions have inspired creativity in people to create paintings, poems, books and even a new line of ladies shoes! And a beautiful dancing woven pattern of cloth created by Sedona’s own Wendy the Weaver, Wendy Bialek.

What people say about Faye:

" And the point is . . . YOU . . . play them like no one else.  Pure magic.  Can't wait to get my magic CDs for when I am in the car and not near my gong! Sweet woman - I cannot get enough gong!!!!!!  It grows more beautiful and dear to me by the day.  I cannot thank you enough for introducing me!"Angela

"May you all have the pleasure of meeting Faye Henry; she spreads great joy and truth just by being present." Jeannette Sebes-McDonald, Chattanooga, TN

"Faye…the amazing cosmic musician and her magical gongs!"  ~ Jody, Yoga Instructor, Atlanta, GA

 "The Gong is the spirit song. It is the primal whisper of the soul. Its sound is the echo of the Original Word that created the world, the sound within all sounds."   Yogi Bhajan

 Gongs – What Say After Experiencing Them

~Psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that the medicine of the future would be Sound~

 Recently I did Gong Sessions at a conference and they asked the session recipients to fill out an evaluation form. Below are all the remarks made by those who did Gong Sessions with me:

" Amazing beautiful sensation, thank you!"

 "I had no idea gongs could be SOOOO amazing, healing, and therapeutic. She was something so unexpected. I loved it! I still have a ton of energy the next day."

 "She provides an entirely different dimension - very effective and a wonderful
addition - I hope to see her again."

 "Loved the gong and the singing bowl, very healing, Hope to do it again next year."
(I often add crystal bowls to a session after playing the gongs.)

 "I received more from this session than I expected. I found the gongs to be relaxing, yet moving."

 "This was a totally new experience for me. I feel totally rejuvenated. I see how my weakened emotional state was causing a lot of my dis-ease. The questions I had planned to ask were answered from within. I would love to have this “clearing” done again. Thank you Faye."

 "Excellent very deep - felt walls coming down - like the walls of Jerico - felt we got to a deep area of my being in subconscious mind. No need to know where, what, or who, just a willingness to release. A little more dialogue about what the Akashic Records guided her to do would be good. I would do it again."

 "One of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had. Her music was healing, joyful, mind-expanding and physically - other -worldly. Will suggest her sessions to ALL!"

These interests have blossomed in Faye’s life and she utilizes these skills for personal growth. She believes that everyone has within them the capacity to heal themselves; therefore no one really needs these services.
believes we create everything in our lives with our thoughts and desires, that your focused attention is powerful and we need only to focus on being whole while reaching a state of complete relaxation to claim our health. The human body is amazing and powerful. When mind body and spirit are in balance and harmony, everything is possible to us now.

Previous venues with gongs:

  • Coptic Conference in Johnson City Tn each year since 2010.
  • Southwest Dowsing Conference in Flagstaff
  • Peaceful Meadow Retreat Boulder Co for Venus Transit
  • The Peace Dome at the Metaphysical College for a Pre Venus Transit and World Peace weekend event
  • National Dowsing Conference in Vermont 2 times
  • Southeast Dowsing Conference Ashville Tn
  • West Coast Dowsing Conference in Santa Cruz California
  • ISHA Yoga
  • With Tenzin, a Tibetan Buddhist Monk at various locations in North Ga
  • Cloud dome in Mentone Alabama
  • Beckham Creek Cave Lodge Missouri
  • Washington Grove, MD
  • Ellie Fristenski’s Reunions
  • Earth Keepers Conference in Hot Springs Arkansas
  • Memphis Gong Chamber
  • Numerous Raymon Grace Seminars around the US
  • Various Yoga Studios and private events around the US
  • Ellie Drew Lotus Flower Retreats in Phoenix Az and Mentone Al
  • Monroe Institute