Emotional Release and Energy Session

Presented by Jorge and Connie Zafra

Emotional Release and Energy Session

This session starts with an quick introduction followed by the description of the “energy release” technique and exercise.

After that the Healing and Clearing meditation begins. In the first part of the event you will go through an exercise to practice this “energy release” technique.

The second part of the event is a guided meditation in which Jorge and Connie will channel the Divine to help you clear emotional and energetic blockages using this technique.



A powerful session that will teach and help you to release stuck emotions and energies that block your happiness and spiritual growth.

It will help you heal in all the dimensions and clear undesired energies that disrupt your mind, physical and emotional body.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

5-6pm in the Chapel

FREE Admission.

Reserve your space by emailing at info@divinityforlife.com






 About Jorge Zafra

Divinity For Life – Pure Source Energy Healing and Intuitive Holistic Wellness

Jorge Zafra has the ability to channel powerful energy healing using Pure Source energy that flows through his body and hands. The healing power of this energy comes from the Divine, God. Jorge is considered a pure channel of Pure Source energy.

After a supernatural experience in which he received the gift of channeling God’s and Archangel Raphael’s energy he decided to leave the corporate world and dedicate himself to using this energy for healing.  Jorge channels powerful healing, which helps people elevate their frequency, promoting self-healing.

Jorge has performed hundreds of healings on people and animals with different health issues, such as chronic pain, down syndrome, fibromyalgia, nerve pain, brain damage, cancer and many more. Jorge’s practice is focused on issues in which standard medicine has given up.



“I have witnessed Jorge’s ability to move energy in his body, and channel that energy from the field, into a coherent  frequency, and with an elevated energy that causes people to respond and to heal. His ability has led him to leave the conventional world of engineering, to give up that life, for his commitment and his passion to heal others. He’s an expert in his field!”    ~   Dr. Joe Dispenza



About Connie Zafra

Connie Zafra is a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner. Connie connects to the Angelic realm and gets very precise guidance from Archangel Raphael. Because of this guidance, Connie is able to pinpoint the root cause of her clients’ health issues, and create a guided health analysis and a very effective protocol that restores the overall health in a matter or months or even weeks.

Connie specializes in weight, fibromyalgia, adrenal and thyroid issues, blood sugar issues, digestive issues, candida, leaky gut, and mold issues in men and women.

 Connie channels the Divine Providence and Mother Mary’s energies. She is able to be used as a channel to perform very deep clearings with the energy that flows to her entire body. In particular the energy flows strong through her hands and throat chakra, making her speak an ancient language and producing powerful sounds that clear and remove deep dark energies from people's bodies and auric field, with incredible results.

Connie and Jorge Zafra work closely with the angelic realm. They also work with all the Archangels, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary when performing different healing sessions. They work with clients nationally and internationally.