“Awakening the New DNA Hu-Man” Talk

with Andrea Foulkes, UK Tv,s Pastlife Regression Expert & Founder – Soul Freedom Therapy®  Karmic – Cosmic

By December 2003, she was still modeling but also had clients for healing work and readings as everything just fell into place, and she learned regression hypnosis. One day she was reading a book on “Children Who Remember Pastlives” when she resonated with the author as she wrote that she felt she would be on the“ Oprah Show” before she was asked. Andrea, mused to herself that she would be on a daytime TV show in the UK. 8 seconds later her phone rang, and she was invited to film and regress into Pastlives the hosts of the Prime time TV show in the Uk “ This Morning”….WOW! 8 seconds, manifestation! She first appeared on the show in January 2004, walked off the set and was invited  to come back every week on the show with her own regular slot to regress celebrities and members of the public.  This she did until ITV1 UK could make her a show of her own, which was called, “Have I Been Here Before?”,  airing 2 series in the UK. 

Andrea appeared in the mainstream UK TV, Radio and Print until February, 2013. In her commitment to speaking her highest truth and wisdom about humanity and evolving consciousness, she spoke out on the BBC1 show, “The Big Question” about the Illuminati, Food and Drug Industry. Since then she was never invited on TV, Radio or Print again in the UK and had a contract in the US for a TV show dropped. This was no big deal for the price to speak, live and walk the earth as her
“ Higherself” in divine Truth. Her commitment has always been to working with her clients (souls she is assisting in their Awakening) in over 20,000 + hours of therapy in her own techniques she developed, from her vast experience. Her work now is about the process of leaving the 3rd dimension behind and embodying our multi dimensional selves on Earth. The body is the living portal for anchoring the truth of the soul onto planet Earth in Love.

We are awakening now from the “Karma Drama” cycle on Earth.

Birthing ourselves without dying as the cosmic multi- dimensional beings of “Starlight” we Truly Are. The portal, our physical bodies, something we have not done before on planet earth. In other timelines we left our physical bodies, now we have the potential to stay with them.

Andrea will share this process and more tonight, speaking as a conscious channel delivering a powerful talk & meditation to the group collective energy, including a “Soul Light Language” sound transmission for awakening DNA.

Andrea’s style is amusing, deep, transformational & empowering.

Friday September 18, 2015

7-8:30pm in the Chapel

$15 at the door or pay in advance at Paypal

Visit:  www.andreafoulkes.co.uk  E-mail & Paypal:  andrea@andreafoulkes.co.uk


About Andrea Foulkes - Cosmic Intuitive Visionary, Pastlife Regression Expert,  Founder: Soul Freedom Therapy®

Andrea had her awakening in the UK in 2000,  during this period she was unaware of what was happening to her other than she “TRUSTED” to the “EXPERIENCE”. She was elevating off her bed, having her energy field re-wired by channeling energies through own hands as she lay on her bed, to which she now recognizes are her “ Soul Star Families” and her “Galactic Self” assisting her. 

She was being told by a voice which she now knows to be her own “ Higher self” to not work,  not to worry about money, and to trust to the process for the next 3 months on a intense level; to which she did. During this period she channeled messages that at the time she did not understand about the Cosmos and the Multi-verse, and the true nature of reality. The process felt like her body was loosing physical density, and letting go of everything she has known to that time.  Eventually it felt like a choice to stay or go? She choose to stay, being guided that she would have to stand on a “Big Soap Box”… “The World”, for her new found beliefs and experiences. Guided that in the coming times she would speak on a global level about the TRUTH of the HEART and the true nature of HEALING and REALITY.

By 2001, she was naturally able to read the Akashic records of people and identify emotional blockages, leading her to see Pastlives, Ancestral Lives, Entites, Wounded Inner Child, and Speak “ Soul Light Language” creating powerful guided meditations and reading the Souls Star lineages. Being a catalyst for healing for the souls that are ready.