Bhakti Tribe Sedona Presents Matthew Schoening

Featuring Adalia Tara

Friday, October 23, 2015

7-78:30pm in the Great Room

$20 Advance / $25 At the Door

Advance tickets are available at Crystal Magic

 and BhaktiTribeSedona

Info: 928-203-1147 or  

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About Adalia Tara

Adalia Tara bares her whole heart when she performs. Her style is distinct and versatile, from resonating, deep, bluesy lows to sweet, ethereal highs, her voice commands the space. Her evocative lyrics are at the center of her soulful sound, offering insight into her personal truths and aspirations. Her writing style has been influenced by classic artists such as John Lennon, Neil Young, and Billy Holiday, to more modern artists like Radiohead and Feist.

No matter where her musical journey takes her, Adalia Tara’s intention and motivation for creating music is unchanging. She hopes to bring benefit to others, to inspire, to encourage positive change, and to convey messages of hope and compassion. Music is her heart and offering. It’s how she gives back. For Adalia Tara, it is a part of her spiritual path that is ever unfolding. 

Adalia Tara performs each week in and around Sedona and has played at numerous local events including the Sedona International Film Festival, Illuminate Film Festival, World Wisdom Days, International Day of Peace, and Gumption Fest, as well as many private events and weddings. This past year she has been traveling to and from Los Angeles to finish up her album due out this year.

To see a current schedule of her live shows and to hear her upcoming new music, check out her Facebook fan page at Adalia Tara Music.


Matthew Schoening is an artist, performer, and visionary. Matthew plays his electric cello through a complex process of live looping. The looping is used as a compositional tool, as opposed to backing tracks to jam on, although there is space for improvisation. 

His music showcases compositional complexity with variety, dynamics, grooves and movement, while being very pleasing to the ear and soul. Most people forget that looping is involved, due to how it is utilized. Often times it sounds as if there is an entire symphony, and a full band on stage with him.

Common adjectives used to describe how people feel after hearing his music include: "Opened", "Beautifully Vulnerable", "Inspired", and "Mesmerized". 

Matthew has two rules for his Solo Electric Cello project:

1) His music has to be able to be performed live, with no pre-recorded sounds. He starts with nothing, and builds everything, live, in front of you. Every performance is unique, and has it's own flavor.

2) All of the sounds have to come from his electric cello. This includes all of the bass, percussion, and ambient sounds, which Matthew achieves through bowing, strumming, percussive, and pizzicato techniques, in combination with a unique proficiency with his effects pedals.