An Evening With Our Angels

Presented by Mary Soliel, Channel of Archangel Michael, Gazer, and an Award-Winning Author

An Evening With Our Angels

Our angels are speaking to us like never before. Learn how they are increasing their magical presence in our lives by influencing matter, making sounds occur, creating stunning synchronicities, even appearing in our skies, and so much more! Once you gain the awareness, the life changing blessings will become known and multiply. Receive your own personal messages and literally feel an angel's loving presence through a powerful meditation. Then, prepare to leave with an anticipation of growing these most blessed relationships with the angels as the veils continue to thin.

And, A Group Gazing!
At the end of Mary’s talk, she will channel Divine energy through her eyes to yours for a uniquely powerful experience with the highest of intentions. A Divine Light came into her right eye the day her spiritual journey began in 1994 which eventually led to her offering of these gazes. (Please visit:

Sunday, October 11, 2015

7-9:30 pm in the Sedona Room

$33 per person

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Walk-ins, cash or check only

Book signing following presentation

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Responses to Mary's Presentations: 


"Mary just left Maine and those of us who shared time and space with her have, in an indescribable way, been changed by her words and her presence!!! Don't miss the opportunity to spend some time in the warm Light of Mary Soliel!!! Mary, you are so graceful, down to earth, and original in your presentation and in your message. It makes a world of difference to speak TO people rather than above them." ~ Jan R.


"I liked the gentleness of Mary's presentation. Teaching through her own life experience creates an essence of trust and pure belief. Everything felt great! Thank you, Mary." ~ Indie


"I have personally benefited from MARY SOLIEL and her work and books throughout 2013/2014. I met Mary at a special event at AWAKEN TO WELLNESS here in Albuquerque last year. I purchased all 3 of her personally autographed copies and have been an avid follower ever since. She is the real deal! I also have been gifted with Michael's Seven Golden Steps E-Course and am still finding new things to brighten up my many life changes. Also follow her on Facebook and look forward to her postings daily! I am hooked! Such timely information. I love synchronicities! So many more pop up for me! Already asked for a first copy of her newest work." ~ Thea D.


About Mary Soliel: 

Mary Soliel is an author, channel, gazer, visionary, speaker, and self-described "synchronist." Her three-time award-winning book, I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates Our Lives, is a groundbreaking exploration of the phenomenon of synchronicity.

Trained in psychology, hypnotherapy, as well as other alternative healing modalities, Mary considers her best teacher the Universe itself, the only teacher who could address her insatiable desire to delve into the mysteries and magic of life, recognizing synchronicity and the many ways it shows up in our lives, learning how to have a relationship with our angels, and understanding how to create the reality we desire.

As a channel of Archangel Michael, the publishing of "Michael's Clarion Call: Messages from the Archangel for Creating Heaven on Earth" and "The New Sun: With Archangel Michael" highlight Mary's mission as a teacher and messenger to globally raise awareness of the Golden Age before us.

Mary's fourth book, "Look Up! See Heaven in the Clouds", demonstrates her pioneering exploration and visual proof of our movement toward a new and Heavenly earth. All four titles are award-winning, and considered to be life changing reads, as well. 

Mary's most recent work, "New Sun Gazing", is described at She channels Divine Light through her eyes to people in live audiences, but also remotely through pictures, an energy transference that knows no limits! Mary is available for U.S. and international speaking and gazing engagements as well as radio/print/television interviews. 

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Reactions to the gaze:


"OMG Mary. You and your Sun Gazing are creating miracles!"

"It was the most supernatural experience I ever had."

"And by the end of the gaze, I fully saw a vision of Mother Mary, no longer you, before me."

"Within a few minutes I suddenly felt a warmth all over as if I was being given a 'cosmic hug' and shortly thereafter the pain was simply gone!"