Spirit of the Ancients Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Concert and CD Release

with Tryshe Dhevney

Experience the spectral music and infinite space created by best selling Sounds True recording artist, Tryshe Dhevney as she weaves rich, spontaneous harmonies with luminous overtones of gemstone, mineral and metal infused Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

 Her music is spontaneous, holographic, energetic choreography. The result is a sonic immersion that transcends, rejuvenates and inspires.

Join us for an evening of deep listening and transformation. Bring an open voice and a ready heart. 

Friday,  May 1, 2015

7-8:30pm in the Sedona Room. 

Cost:  $15 Advance / $20 at the door

For information: 520-440-7820

To pre-pay visit:  http://www.soundshifting.com/html/calendar.php


 About Tryshe Dheveny:

Tryshe Dhevney's Crystal Bowl Sound Healing has garnered unprecedented customer praise and risen to top-selling altitude in Sounds True's healing music category.

With Spirit of the Ancients, she immerses us in a new soundscape of gemstone-infused crystal bowls, selected to evoke "expanded inner space and illumination."

Recorded in a sacred open-mouthed New Mexico cave with unique sound and energy-gathering qualities, these tracks merge the subtle presence of wind and birdsong with therapeutically tuned tones to support our natural bio-frequencies.

“What a sacred, luminous space you create with your bowls. They sang me into deep, aware calm and held me there for an eternity. So, wow!...May your gifts touch a hundred million lives.” Philip Shepherd, author, New Self, New World: Recovering our Senses in the Twenty-First Century.