Practices of Light: Meditation & Energy Healing Techniques for Everyone

presented by Eric Lindemer

About Eric

Eric Lindemer, CMT, has had an interest in the performing, healing, and mystical arts since childhood. He danced professionally with American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet, and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens before embarking on his path as a practitioner and teacher of the healing arts.

He has studied with modern masters in the realms of spirituality and healing, made pilgrimages to sacred sites, and communed with nature in solitude. Some of his most profound experiences have occurred in the dreamtime and on the inner and outer planes. 

He founded Temple of The Light as a platform for sharing ceremonies, workshops, products, and services which support health, healing, and awakening. His website is

Eric edited and published "Celebrate The Mystery: A Mother's Journey of Awakening Through Cancer", which is a collection of excerpts from his mother's journal in which she explored her experiences of living with cancer and the growth that occurred for her along the way. Frank, heartfelt, and inspiring! The book is available through his website or on Amazon.

Have you ever wanted to learn meditation and hands-on energy healing for use with yourself, loved ones, clients, or patients?  Or would you like more practice with these techniques? If so, please join us!

 This three-part program includes: instruction and practice with meditation and yogic breathing techniques, The Universal Light Activation (personal blessing/anointing/attunement) and instruction and practice with basic hands-on energy healing.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

9:30am-12pm in the Sedona Room

Donation basis.

Eric will also be offering "Temple of Light Meditation" on Friday April 3rd and "Sound Healing Temple" on Sunday April 5. Please see calendar of events for details. Private sessions also available.

This program includes the following three modules:

Module 1:  Pranayama and meditation

Instruction and practice in pranayama (yogic breathing techniques,) meditation, mantra (sacred chanting,) and mudra (hand positions to enhance the effects of meditation.) These practices can support health, healing, and awakening, and may even be pleasant and enjoyable!

Module 2:  Universal Light Activation

This ceremony follows the ancient tradition of activating and supporting spiritual awareness and healing through gentle touch and energy transmission. This type of practice has gone by various names in various traditions including: anointing, blessing, darshan, empowerment, activation, and attunement. Individual activations will be transmitted with participants seated in chairs. The intention of The Universal Light Activation is to support spiritual awareness, healing, and to enhance your healing abilities.

Module 3:  Healing Hands

Spiritual and energetic healing in various forms has been practiced throughout the world in many times, places, and cultures. This workshop provides the opportunity to learn foundational practices of energetic and spiritual healing for use with yourself and others.  Lecture, instruction, and practice with classmates included. You will leave with a handful of techniques, which, with practice, can serve you and others for a lifetime (and maybe longer!) This class does not certify students as professional energy healers, but provides them with a foundation from which they can continue to learn and grow.