Reclaiming Your Divine Self

with Vamadeva

What does Psyche-Physiological Transformation of Consciousness Really Entail?

 Life is what we make of it. Yet life is also a precious gift given to realize our innermost potential as Being-Consciousness-Bliss.

Reclaiming of this inner potential is the real quest behind all our undertakings and of all searching—even if we are constantly being diverted. Although understanding that the source of lasting happiness lays within is not that hard to fathom, for it to become our lived reality requires transformation of our consciousness on the cellular level.

This transformation is initiated by realignment of all our subtle energies to facilitate the metamorphic rebirth. Known in Vedic and Tantric traditions as various pranas, these currents are considered to be manifestations of divine principles, with the main ones expressing themselves as this human body.

This immersion is an invitation to delve deeply into the nature of this transformative processes, both from the conceptual layers to the direct experience of the energies of transformation.

 March 13-15, 2015   

Friday: 7-9pm;  Saturday: 11am-6pm;  Sunday:  2-7 pm

Friday only:  $45.

Saturday or Sunday:  $130.

Whole workshop:  $290

Please book on website :!/c1k2r

If You are keen to experience Your birthright of divine bliss, come join Vamadeva at the 3 day gathering.                         

Igor Kufayev ~ Vamadeva

Profound spiritual teacher, artist and pranic healer Igor Kufayev is a powerful yet most gentle voice of what the deepest spiritual traditions stand for in essence – the marriage of unbound awareness and manifesting Life.

To date, Igor has received extensive exposure in Europe, the Bay Area, in Los Angeles, and very recently in Canada. Igor’s appearances a few months ago and in recent years at the Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND) – both here and in Europe – have generated a lot of excitement.

He has also been extensively interviewed on Buddha at the Gas Pump, twice on Conscious TV ( here and here ), and has also been interviewed on a number of other programs including Soul to Soul, the Center for Nondual Awareness, and many others.

 Additionally, he has many videos on YouTube, which may provide you with a clearer picture of Igor’s work.