The Wishing Machine & The Law of Attraction

Presented by Joshua P. Warren

 He led an expedition to the Mayan pyramids in Central America, investigated the Tower of London, and co-hosted an expedition through Transylvania in Romania, conducting scientific tests at places where dramatic historic events occurred.  When he’s not traveling, Warren generally divides his time between Asheville and Puerto Rico, where he directs the Bermuda Triangle Research Base.

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More About Joshua P. Warren

Joshua P. Warren published his first book at the age of 15. He is now the author of almost 20 books, sold in various languages around the world, by major publishers like Simon & Schuster. He is a syndicated radio host, and a correspondent for the Coast to Coast AM radio show, the largest overnight radio program in North America.

 He has appeared on the History Channel, Nat Geo, Discovery, SyFy, Animal Planet, TLC, and starred in the Travel Channel series Paranormal Paparazzi. He has also worked in feature films as an on-screen credited technical consultant for Warner Brothers.  In 2004, he made the cover of the Electric Space Craft science journal for his work reproducing mysterious plasmas at his scientific L.E.M.U.R. Lab. He also owns the Asheville Mystery Museum, and popular tours, in his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina.

Warren’s work has been covered by CNN, Fox News, Entertainment Weekly, Delta Sky, The New York Times, FHM, and many other major publications. He created and owns the Sunshine Simple Company, producing solar generators and clean energy alternatives for people around the world.

Warren is always in demand as a speaker. He was hired by the A&E television network to host and entertain executives and VIPs on a cruise through the Bermuda Triangle. He produced an all-day event at the esteemed Rhine Research Center, and has been a featured speaker for hundreds of venues, including: NCCAT (the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching); the International UFO Congress in Nevada (world’s largest UFO event); the Queen Mary GhostFest in California; the Chicago Ghost Conference; the SCCS Conference on Cryptozoology; the Brown Mountain Lights Symposium; George Noory Live; Para-History Con in New York; and countless events for major medical and business clients at the 4-diamond Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa.



This intimate hands-on workshop will change your life!

Acclaimed author and TV/radio personality, Joshua P. Warren, will explain, in practical terms, how Wishing Machines can be properly used to help manifest money, love, health, and happiness.

You will also see stunning new imagery of the human bio-energy field, and ultimately learn how to instantly morph reality to your personal vision. This will be a small group, and you must have a Wishing Machine.

This is the ultimate workshop. Eat lunch on your own before you come, since this will be four hours of mind-blowing content, with a short break halfway-through.

Warren will discuss:

  • Stunning new imagery of the human bio-energy field
  •  Groundbreaking new discoveries in quantum physics regarding mind-body-environment connections
  •  Physical demonstrations of how your bio-field interacts with matter
  •  How to tap into the true power to manifest money, love, health, or almost anything else
  •  Specific, effective steps that make the Law of Attraction begin to work instantly
  •  The origin of the mysterious “Wishing Machine”
  •  How and why Wishing Machines work

You’ll spend the day hands-on, actually utilizing the technology. Warren will answer all questions, and guide attendees through each step of how to actually materialize their dreams for financial wealth, health & happiness.

Monday, February 23, 2015

12-4pm in the Sedona Room.

$395.00 includes admission and your Machine to keep for life.

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