Lilly Wong Workshop: All you need to remember is Energy!

With special Channeled music by Robert Haig Coxon

Within our physical and subtle body there are stored memories that go beyond the first time man was ever on Earth; even beyond the linear time and the no time.

We are interdimensional beings and it is time to discover, awake, update and integrate the memory of such information coming from the brightest light which we hold in our memory.

The workshop is divided in two sessions: Harmonising memories from our inner child in each of us and Harmonising memories from your male and female lineage.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

10am-5:30pm in the Chapel.  Registration 9:30am

Early price: $133 (Until March 1, 2015)  Full price:  $155.

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In PART I of the workshop, we will be concentrating on the union of our sacred feminine energy and our masculine energy within us that originate in the roots of humanity´s history that we hold in our personal and collective DNA.

The aim is to find a balance in our daily lives here on Earth and to be able to open and remember all our potential and expand it in the now.  If you resonate with this workshop it is because you have these cellular memories within you and it is time to reactivate them.

We will be using sacred codes, symbols, music, mantras and movement coming from the deepest of our souls. We will let ourselves be guided towards a freeing and empowering experience!

Harmonising memories from our inner child in each of us:
We all have memories of our female and male parts of our inner child, memories from many lives and experiences that have had an imprint in our DNA. We will go on an individual journey through no time and space to be able to remember and harmonise these memories to finally be able to integrate our inner child.
Harmonising memories from your male and female lineage:
We will go on an individual journey again inside a multidimensional space towards our lineage memories that we need to remember, activate or re-activate and/or harmonise in order to balance our feminine and masculine here and now. Transmuting karmic memories we have been dragging with us, life after life. It is time to let go and move forward!

The activation and updating of these memories in Sedona will help us during the workshop, which will then help me integrate it within me to be able to share it in other workshops around the world.

We will use the spiritual tools from Lilly Wong and sacred codes, Ingrid Auer and her Symbols of Mary Magdalene and DNA and Robert Haig Coxon´s divine music.