From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy®: “You’re Not Sick~You’re Sacred!”

Presented by Amelia Kemp, Ph.D.

Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC - Metaphysician, Licensed Psychotherapist, Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, and Author of the groundbreaking book: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® – Alternative Holistic Descriptions & Healing Processes for 170 Mental & Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide, will do a FREE lecture and book signing, covering holistic healing for anxiety, depression, addiction, personality, bipolar, psychosis, loss, obesity, relationships, and much more, including herbal remedies and energy medicine.

Come see your situation completely different, and release the toxic conditioning, taboos and labels. Reconnect with the fullness of your being – mind, body and spirit and begin to live the joyful life you came forth to live!

August  29, 2014

7:30-8:30pm in the Art Room

Door Prizes

Dr. Kemp is visiting Sedona Labor Day Weekend where she will be hosting a Sacretherapy Retreat at the Briar Patch Inn and wanted to share her book and its empowering holistic healing with the Sedona Community and visitors seeking sacred and holistic alternatives like the 8 Steps described in her groundbreaking book. Dr. Kemp will also be lecturing along with celebrity author, Jack Canfield, at the Science Behind the Law of Attraction Event in Long Beach, CA.

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By removing labels, stigmas, memes and other negative conditioning from mental health and emotional diagnoses,  this methodology enables clients to find "the therapist within" and, therefore, is most liberating and healing."    Rosa Trapp-Dail, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus, Howard University – Washington, D.C.
“SACRETHERAPY IS GROUNDBREAKING!                                                 

Dr. Kemp offers new insight on mental health, with ease, direction, resources, compassion and love from a place of power - both as a professional healer and as a fellow traveler."     Jamelle Rackley - Spiritual Life Coach – Atlanta, GA
"This is a bona fide holistic and alternative healing model for mental and emotional well-being.  It effectively incorporates energy medicine and herbal remedies too.  It is also ideal for healers who want to bring the broadest possible perspective to their work”
Mary Jo Klingel, LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"This is so beautiful, I'm a healer and worked on someone with bipolar who was never this grounded until she read your book....It’s truly offering confirmation for people that they are not crazy."      M.H. - Boca Raton, Fl

"This book is wonderful....showing what all the mental diagnoses symbolize like Louise Hay did for physical diagnoses in her book…."       L.K. - Atlanta, GA

"If I heard this about my diagnosis 30 years ago, my whole life would have been different...."                                                                J.J. – Durham, N.C.

"I cried tears of relief through the whole book....every one of the eight steps felt like you were talking to me."      N.O. - Washington, DC

"When I read the words "you're not sick, you're sacred", I knew this book would help me and it truly has.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  C.P. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL