The Mentalist and The Medium

 Fred and Amber

2019 Schedule

April 13 (Sedona Rm)

May 4

May  25 (Chapel)

June 29

July 13

July  27 (Art Cabin)

August 24

September 7

October 5

October 26

November 16

December 14 

7:30-9:30pm in the Art Cabin


Together again:  Dred & Amber will be combining their talents.

Dred’s “Mind Magic” together with Amber’s astoundingly accurate “Psychic Readings” will AMAZE you! 

Dred has a unique ability as a mentalist that creates mystery, demonstrating impossible feats that can’t be explained.  You’ll suspend your ideas of what’s possible, and have an experience that is not only thoroughly captivating, but also expands possibilities beyond imagined boundaries.  

He takes the audience on a wild ride through their own minds with tons of audience interaction, and is able to pull random information from everyone’s head including their addresses, names of pets, and even their birthdays.

He will also be divining questions the audience has that they would like to be answered by a Psychic.  He will refer these questions to Arizona’s favorite Psychic Medium ~ Amber, who will answer them with astounding accuracy.

 The most common question on everyone’s mind when this show is over…. “When will they be back?”


In the Art Cabin (unless otherwise indicated)

Cost:  $25

 Reserve early:  928-202-3759 

For more information, please visit: