Past Life Regression

with Hypnotist, Fred Osborn

Most people wonder if they have lived before.

How would you feel if you knew for sure that you had had previous lives?  Wouldn’t it be really exciting if you could recollect everything about your earlier lives?  Now think about how you would feel if you knew for certain that you do not really die, you just come back again.  

Now for the first time ever, you’ll be able to explore the mystery of one of your past lives!   You will unlock the secrets of a life you’ve lived before.  You will understand the reasons you have drawn certain relationships to yourself in this current lifetime.  

Most of the emotional problems as well as hang-ups that you experience now have come along with you from a previous life.  

Your previous lives also influences your financial status, job, health and relationships.  

By experiencing this program you may begin to understand the reasons certain patterns are occurring.  You will also understand the origin on non -productive patterns and will be able to release patterns that no longer serve you, in this current lifetime. 

Experiencing this program can result in:

  • Improvements in deep rooted emotional hang-ups and phobias
  • A more Spiritual outlook on life
  • More self confidence, generally happier
  • Increased personal satisfaction
  • An ability to reach your full potential with nothing holding you back

2019 Schedule

February 9

April 6

September 21

2-4pm in the Library

Cost:  $25 

Call for reservations: 928-202-3759

Fred Osborn, Regression Therapist, Author, Lecturer

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