Quantum Spoon Bending: A Model for Healing and Transformation

Presented by Gene Ang, PhD.

Early registration is suggested in order to provide adequate amount of materials.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

2-5 PM in the Chapel     

Cost:  $55

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What is really exciting is that the fork in the above picture was bent not using the model of energy as taught in the previous class called the "Alchemy of Spoon Bending" but using techniques based on quantum mechanics and the unified field. The specific technique used for the fork above was called time travel in which I took the fork and sent it back in time to a condition where it would most easily bend in the above conformation. Voila. How cool is that!

However, not only are the results cool but these same principles can be used for major shifts in healing and change.  Some healers have been shown to mend broken bones instantaneously.  Now people can get a direct experience as to how this might be possible and also how they can perform miracles in their daily life too.  The principles demonstrated in this class access the same field of information as these miraculous healers.  
This technique plus at least nine more will be taught in the all new class called Quantum Spoon Bending. The class will include the following techniques: 1) Accessing the Field 2) Torus of the Heart 3) Time Travel 4) Dimensions 5) Spinning 6) Resonance 7) Frequency 8) Symbols 9) Embedding Intention (ie. Talisman Making) and the original technique 10) Accessing the Light.   
It is a "quantum" shift above the original class called the "Alchemy of Spoon Bending" which still contains important concepts in energy medicine.  The original technique taught in the Alchemy class will be shown in the new class, plus the wonderful concepts of quantum mechanics as applied to healing and transformation.  Each technique will be taught so that participants will have time to use the technique to bend the utensils.  Then ample time will be given to show how each technique can be used in self-transformation and healing and to demonstrate the larger implications of each quantum concept.


Gene Ang, PhD recently bent this twisted fork using new quantum healing techniques which clearly proved to him the ability of those techniques to alter physical reality. For people who have taken the original spoon bending class, "The Alchemy of Spoon Bending", they have experienced first-hand that techniques based on energy can soften the metal of spoons and forks enough so that what was not easily bent using physical force becomes miraculously malleable and easily bent.

To get an idea of how difficult it is to bend a fork, you can get any ordinary fork and attempt to bend the tines. Even the strongest person will have difficulty bending most tines on forks. Using these techniques, the metal becomes easily bent by anyone particularly children. The above fork was completely bent in its final shape using the new quantum technique once.

So why hold a spoon bending class? It is not about bending spoons and forks. The change in material reality as demonstrated by the bent forks is a model for change. The mechanisms tested are energy and quantum mechanics techniques.

Because the worldview of energy and quantum mechanics is relatively new to modern life, it is sometimes difficult to demonstrate to people this reality; however, when people directly change their reality when they bend spoons and forks, their minds have direct physical proof that something changed in physical reality.  Not only do they have direct proof; but, the proof happens to be what is considered one of the most “solid” aspects of physical reality.    


Gene Ang, PhD

Gene graduated from Stanford, and earned his doctorate in Neurobiology at Yale University.  He is an energy medicine practitioner based in California, offering private healing sessions and teaches seminars that focus on the integration of science, spirituality, and healing.

Gene also leads Sacred Journeys worldwide.  www.geneang.com