Charles Virture Presents

Mediumship Certification Program Sedona, Arizona

Everyone has the ability to communicate with deceased loved ones, and this 2-day basic and advanced course taught by Charles Virtue will help you to hone your natural spiritual gifts of Mediumship. 

The fastest way to heal from grief is to have healing conversations with departed loved ones, to feel reassured that they are happy in heaven.

Awareness of the spirits and energy around you is a major step in taking control of your life. Ability to control spiritual influence on your life, karma, and subconscious thoughts brings you absolute energetic freedom.

Charles will guide you through the process of intuitively detecting when you are in the
presence of, or under the influence of a spirit or deceased loved one/family member.   

Whether you want to learn about Mediumship for your own comfort and communication
with departed loved ones, or you want to help others by being a Medium for them, Charles will gently guide you through the process of afterlife communication.

You’ll learn the skills of:

  • Increasing your clarity in hearing divine messages
  • Calling in the Angels to work by your side
  • Boosting your confidence in your mediumship skills
  • How to identify which departed loved one you’re talking to
  • Methods of clearing, shielding, and healing yourself
  • And many other clearing/protecting and communicative skills

Schedule:  10am to 4pm each day. Sign in by 9:30am the first day.

Cost:  $555
(You can split the tuition into two payments)

Every participant will receive a Certified Medium certificate upon completion of this class


About Charles Virtue

Charles Virtue is the eldest son of Dr. Doreen Virtue, creator  of the Angel Therapy Practitioner® (ATP) Course, and an  author of  prominent literature on working with Angels. Charles has been in touch with the Angels and their guidance  from his early childhood on and he knew that one day he would be guided to teach this ability to others.

In his early 20’s, Charles began to give readings with the Angel Oracle Cards. He found instant comfort in helping people by teaching them how to clear the blocks and fears that kept them from hearing the True Guidance that their Angels wanted them to receive.

At that point his mission was clear: He wanted to teach people how to manifest, listen to their Angels and inner guidance to help them move toward, and live their life purpose. Charles has been teaching for almost 6 years and has certified thousands of people in over a dozen countries to connect with a higher energy to bring happiness, purpose and guidance into their lives.

Charles took profound interest in Dr. Doreen Virtues’ ATP® classes and worked with them from their conception. For over seven years he worked alongside his mother, witnessing first-hand the power of the angels and their loving guidance. Charles' connection with the angels has guided him to share the gifts they bring to each of our lives with people world-wide.

Charles is also very experienced in the field of manifestation, and offers classes to help you find and live your life purpose.
As a Certified ATP®, Charles has combined his natural intuition with knowledge obtained through a lifetime of exposure to the metaphysical world, to bring us the Angel Certification Program (ACP), Mediumship and Life Purpose/Manifestation Classes.

Charles is the co- author of the Angel book titled ‘Signs from Above’, and the forthcoming 'Indigo Angel Oracle Cards', available at and most major book retailers.