Native American Prophecies Carved in Stone & Current World Events

 Presented by James Tree-Gilmore

The ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has already changed the way many will live, forever. Just as the dropping of the Atomic bomb changed forever how people would live on this planet, the oil spill disaster will also change our human experience from now on.

The Hopi predicted both events over 800 years ago. They received carvings in stone that predicted them as indicators of where we are on the time-line of the birth of a new world.

Here is a recent quote from a NASA scientist, "A major solar storm could cause twenty times more economic damage than Hurricane Katrina to the United States". We are entering into several years of what is expected to be the strongest solar activity ever recorded.

So, with so many events swiftly changing the world around us, the information being sharing in this presentation will help you understand not only what is happening in the world today, but also why these events are occurring and what we can do as individuals and groups to adjust to and even alter these events.

These changes are going to occur, the question is, how will you experience this change?




 What does the earthquake in Washington DC, Hurricane Ilean and Superstorm Sandy all have in common?

They were predicted months in advance.

What’s next and what can you do to be prepared?

A presentation by author, James Medicine Tree-Gilmore, at the Sedona Creative Life Center. 

Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012 at 2pm

$10.00 at the door.

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This is not a fear-based presentation; rather it is about creating a new future for our planet and us. During this unique presentation, Jim will share many ancient prophecies from various sources as well as current predictions from scientists and Spiritual leaders from recent ceremonies he has conducted.

 Also discussed will be prophecies carved in stone centuries ago that have accurately predicted many of the advances in modern technology. Jim will also explain what the carvings tell us to expect in the next few years and how to best prepare for it. 

About Jim Tree-Gilmore:

Jim is a teacher of Natural Spirituality and author of the book, “The Way of the Sacred Pipe”. He is a Spiritual Adviser (Minister) for a federally recognized Native church based in Pipestone, MN and has also served on the board of advisers for the E.T.Seton Institute, Santa Fe.

He has had the honor of sharing his unique insights into Nature based spirituality to the NARBA symposium for Northern Arizona Tribal Educators two years in a row.

He has served on the advisory board for Montana Youth Homes and provides spiritual council to inmates in several State Prison Systems. He gives presentations around the world and conducts ceremonies to help restore the sacred circle of life with powerful effectiveness.

In 2010 he gave a presentation about indigenous prophecies and current world events at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna as well as at several universities.

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