'Sacred Heart of the Ascended Masters' - Workshop

With Ashamarae

Recent Experiences With Awakening From Within:

"I am so grateful for the connection with the many people that are coming together at this time with AFW.  I can’t imagine being anywhere else other than where I am at this point in my journey."  P.

"Oh my goodness!!!!  Thank you – I don’t know how to say this with more feeling….deepest love…but even more…!!"  K.

"Indeed not a word could express the depths of joy exuding from my being in this moment….flowingbliss full gratitudes… Liquid white light to each of you human beings…..Divine energies…. Holy Ones all!"  O.

Awakening From Within is a team of dedicated light-workers brought together by Saint Germain,

who work with ‘Great Spirit’ to support the awakening of consciousness.

Our mission is to be of service to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.



As the days go by, we prepare ourselves to experience more of the love & light that we are.

Ashamarae, the Ascended Masters, & the Goddess, will come together to assist you to experience deeper aspects of your true Self.

Through ceremony & celebration we will unite, open to the sacred, & allow the gifts that only the heart can bring.

Ashamarae is one of those rare channels that can clearly transmit 'Shakti' - Divine energy.

Chosen by Saint Germain to serve side by side with the Masters during this time of tremendous change,

he has been working with them directly for the last 12 years, and with the grace of Spirit, he has assisted thousands in their healing and transformation.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

12-6pm in the Sedona Room

Booking in advance preferred, or cash at the door accepted from 11:45am. 

For more information, please call:  641-469-3030

Book both events (26th Q&A and 27th Workshop) for $111

PLEASE NOTE: As with all things guided by spirit and facilitated by Awakening From Within - all works are subject to change.




Ashamarae McNamara

Ashamarae has spent his whole life in the world of spirituality, his mother and grandmother being mediums for spirit who also facilitated groups in support of people’s lives.

He works with many Masters in the seen and unseen worlds and his life in service began 11 years ago with one of his most beloved guides, ‘Red Feather’. He was then commissioned in 2006 by Saint Germain to serve this particular consciousness.

He currently travels world wide giving workshops, retreats and facilitates transformational experiences for groups, as well as hosting many international calls so that people can come together, in the heart, from all over the world. He is a channel, author, energy healer and is deeply devoted to the Goddess in the form of the Divine Mother.

Ashamarae's expression in this life takes form as a loving husband, father and a dedicated servant of love.  Ashamarae’s website: www.awakeningfromwithin.com