Martha Reich, Singer, Songwriter

In Concert

Martha’s exceptional beautiful voice, unique melodies and guitar execution, will affect you in a deep and soulful way, taking you on a hypnotic and soothing journey. 

2012 New Mexico Music Awards nominated artist, Martha Reich has performed at the most respected venues in New Mexico and throughout the world. From acclaimed performances in Australia, Canada, and Italy to the prestigious stage of New York's "The Bitter End ", and her own "Santa Fe's Bandstand ".

Martha’s second CD, "Evidence of Life", was nominated for best Album by The New Mexico Music Awards. Also from that CD, "Peter Pan Says", was nominated for Best Song in the Americana category. Two songs from the album were chosen as finalists for the ISC in 2007.

Martha was chosen to perform at the "The Sedona Jam for Emerging Artists Festival", in 2007, and opened for Kate Macleod at “The OUTPOST” Performance Space in NM. She was one of 100‘s of performers chosen from through out the country to perform at the “Santa Fe Bandstand” the summer of 2009 and 2012. 

Martha's newest full length CD, " In to Trees ", was released in October, 2011. From this CD, " Buddha Blue " was Nominated for best song by the New Mexico Music Awards. 

Martha is also a Certified Music Practitioner and plays for Hospital and Hospice Patients in New Mexico.  Join us in the Great Room on:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

 Tickets $10.

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“Singing and playing the guitar is really just therapy for me, and what I consider to be a healthy addiction.

It’s been the chance for me to discover what my heart feels, and to express those feelings. I find the more honest and open I can be, the more I connect with others.

We humans are so similar in many ways. Performing gives the audience and myself the confirmation that we are not so alone in our hardships as well as in our joys, and all the other complex emotions we experience.” ~ Martha Reich

What people are saying about Martha's music

" Martha's music transcends the barriers of language, borders and beliefs in a way that is moving, honest, and rare. Each song feels as though she's written it just for you--to tell you something important about life. "  ~ Gregg Braden, New York Times best- selling author

“Love your music.“ ~ Sam Shepard, Actor & Playwright 


"Martha's deep roots in traditional folk and story telling shine through each and every one of her original works and is what he calls " the closest thing to Joni Mitchell that Santa Fe has."  ~ Ira Gordon, Host, Santa Fe's KBAC radio

“She listens to the whole world through her music, and the world so needs a " translator " these days. Thank you thank you so much for giving your achingly beautiful words and voice to our world Martha. We need you.“ ~ Nina Hart,  Poet & Musician 
“ Martha Reich has a great voice. She is flat out open and honest, and just a bit mesmerizing.“  ~ J.W. McClure,  Victory Music Review