Revealing and Healing: A Transformational Event

with Jason Ward & Rick Reynolds

 Titan’s Gate Presents Revealing and Healing - A Transformational Event, two hours with Medical Intuitive Jason Ward, and Core Belief Transformation Specialist, Rick Reynolds. 

Watch as Jason Ward uses his gift to look into the body as Rick Reynolds heals the underlying issues that are at the root of all the imbalances. Discover the mind body connection behind illness, discomfort, and disease, and experience first hand the unique energy of two of Sedona’s top practitioners. 

Jason and Rick are teaming up to offer their services both by phone and in person here in Sedona at a special rate for those who attend this event. Join us on:

 August 24, 2012

7-9pm in the Great Room

 Admission is $7 at the door

 For more information contact: Nicole Bondurant 817-909-1899 or visit  Titan's Gate, Inc.

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Here’s what a few of Jason’s recent clients have to say about their work with him:

Janit Y.  - "Hi, I want to Thank you! for your phone session last night with my sister, Cindy A. She has hope again (we all do). We were all so frustrated with her medical conditions that only seemed to get worse and yet no doctor could give her a viable explanation. She now has new hope that by following your suggestions she can start healing. Thank you… Thank you!!"

Georgia B. -  "Much love and honor to a special and gifted medical intuitive who has devoted his life to humanity and God. Best Wishes always."

Carl F. - "Jason’s gift is the real deal. His intuitive scanning session helped me to change the course of my illness. THANK YOU!!!"

Sarah G. -  "In addition to being spot on with the physical aspects of what I was experiencing, Jason has provided a safe zone of compassion that allowed me to explore the deeper soul significance of my state. I can’t recommend him enough."

Here’s how his clients describe his work
 “Rick is a rare combination of humility, boldness, giftedness, and professionalism. I HIGHLY recommend Rick Reynolds as a powerful catalyst for awakening to Love and Peace.” - Dr. David Kamnitzer

“I have come back to Rick over about a period of about five years when I have a psychological "knot" I can't untangle or, in some cases, "families of knots". Rick has mastery of an amazing array of "tools" to tease the "picture" into clarity, speak with its own voice and point the direction to resolution. The result for me has repeatedly been one of coming to appreciate who I am and what genuine gifts I bring to life.” - Zoe K.

“Rick is awesome. He has a very finely honed intuitive sense and is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met. Rick's level of integrity is unparalleled.  I would trust his word unquestioningly. First as a hypnotherapist and later as a coach and mentor, Rick has helped me tremendously to accelerate healing in many areas of my life.” - Regina S. 

About Rick Reynolds

Rick Reynolds was a Television News Journalist for 18 years.  He was a reporter, producer, and managed the News Operations for CBS News in Sacramento, California. 

In 2001, after a revelation in Sedona, he left TV news to devote his life to helping others.  His training is in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Energy Psychology, but his work goes way beyond this. 

In 2003, he developed his own unique technique for helping identify and shift core beliefs.  He’s trained dozens of practitioners in his process and worked with thousands of clients all around the world. 

“It’s not hypnosis, it’s not psychotherapy, it’s not energy therapy or intuitive healing, but it is a combination of all these things and has been life changing for many many people”, says Rick.   

You can visit Rick’s website at:

About Jason Ward

Viewers of the Oprah Winfrey Network, and the Dr. Phil Show, may already be familiar with Jason’s gift.  At the age of 13 he discovered his ability to look into the body and see with almost x-ray vision.  His scanning abilities can see a tiny blocked corpuscle behind an eyeball interfering with a patient’s vision causing migraines, to a more difficult scanning of the blood for chemical imbalances.  

Here is how Jason describes his work, “First I scan the body in 3D with what can be described as, in very simple terms, X-RAY VISION seeing the entire human anatomy beneath the surface of the skin.  My sights move to the left or to the right, up, down between the muscle fibers, into the tissue, entering into the center of the blood cells or bone marrow. My gift to scan can even go as detailed as down to seeing the messages leaving the brain command center to the trauma area and whether the message is a misfiring wire or just set on repeat and cannot shut itself off. The scanning also allows me to see the cells to determine if the body is being properly fueled nutritionally or if there has been a pattern of unhealthy foods consumed, allergies to foods or environmental issues, continuing all the way down to the psychological reasons the body will not process, distribute, or eliminate the disorder or disease.”

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