Spring Equinox Concert with Willkasara

Special guest, Doctor Edward O. Bierman, M.D., with Seeds of Peace

Join Willkasara for a night of Spiritual Enlightenment, New beginnings, and Sacred “Auni”, the Andean concept of “reciprocity” and bringing balance. 

Providing the foundation for how the people relate to each other as well as how they relate to nature, bringing new seeds of hope and change…

through the Sacred Sound and prayers from the Ancient Inca lineage.

Willkasara means: the sacred corn.  Wachan, Martika, and Shiqwarkenty are Willkasara, Wisdom Keepers from the Andes of  Peru .

They share the teachings that have being past down to them generation after generation,

the wisdom that has been kept alive for thousands of years from their ancestors, the Incas. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012 

7-9pm  Taking place in the Great Room 

$15 donation, children under 12-free. 

Supported by “Ayni The Gift of Giving Foundation”. 

For more information call:  928-300-2625.



Wachan is a third generation Incan Medicine Man, teacher of Ancient Music, Composer, and Music Director , widely know as Harawiko ~ keeper of the Sacred Sound and chanaler of healing music . He also has produced 6 CD's, including the new release, “Love is All” .

Martika has also been sharing her love through the sacred  sound healing music. She is a mother,  loves to work with children and help them to find their voice. She  is also  the founder of “Ayni The Gift of Giving Foundation”, a 501.3  non profit . Our mission is to enrich the lives of homeless children from Peru, to preserve and teach them the ancient traditions of the Inca people so that this tradition doesn’t get lost, but stays as a precious heritage for the future generations.  

Shiqwarkenty is a natural gifted musician. She plays the traditional Incan flutes , the piano, drums, and recently she has released  a new meditation CD called “The Tree of Life”, inspiring her generation to have love, respect, and connection with Pachamama, Mother Earth.
Willkasara extends the Universal Language of the Heart through the Sacred sound healing of the body mind and heart.  We invite you to enter in to the Temple of Sacred Transformation, New beginning, and Sacred Ayni… the Andean concept of reciprocity and bringing balance. 

This provides the foundation for how the people relate to each other as well as how they relate to nature, bringing new seeds of hope and change, through the sacred sound and prayers from the Ancient Inca lineage with special guest, Dr. Edward O. Bierman, M.D. with seeds of peace