“Living in the Light”

An Original Class by Sherie Kennedy



Discovering a different approach to managing your life

Living in the moment

Honoring your wisdom and individual uniqueness

Trusting and valuing Self

Improved health and well-being

Learning and applying new tools and techniques

Gaining greater joy, love, peace, and confidence

Understanding/releasing hate, anger, fear, and resentment

Eliminating guilt, jealousy, and obligation

Taking personal responsibility by owning who you are

Release of self-defeating behaviors and beliefs

Relief from stress and depression

Greater self-esteem and confidence




Sunday, September 9, 2012

9am- 8pm

Cost:  $125.

Workbook provided,  RSVP Required

928-204-6476 or 928-282-9300

          The Shift is happening NOW!  everything is changing, including our bodies and our way of experiencing this unfamiliar life we find ourselves living.  Everything seems the same, but it all feels different.  It is one thing to know achange is needed, and quite another to know what to change and how to change it.

          This class is about discovering the hidden beliefs that keep us from trusting and believing in ourselves.  The old ways are not working anymore, and you'll learn tools, techniques, and universal laws that enable you to apply this knowledge to your current issues and daily life.

         The phantom (doctor's can't find cause) pain/discomfort you feel is real ~ non-physical in origin manifesting physically.  This class shows you what to do with what you know, including hands-on healing applications and techniques beneficial to yourself and others.

                    The class is small and personal, creating a comfortable, relaxed and safe space from which to grow.  It is a powerful, profound, and fun experience. Learning to apply your awareness to your own highest good is the hardest easy thing you'll ever do, and is a rewarding, life-enhancing experience.


          Learn what it really means to be the only one of you there is, and how to be who you really are…


  Individual Sessions

      Sherie will use whatever modality is needed to affect a healing.  It is the degree of the imbalance and where it originates that determines the technique or method utilized, as well as the number of sessions necessary.

       Aches, pains, accident, injury, illness, dis-ease, and unusual behavior (for you) are all ways your Self is telling you that what you are thinking or believing is no longer to your highest good.  Energy healing is a process that balances the physical and spiritual bodies energetically.

        If you are ready to heal your body and balance your life, call now for your appointment at 928-204-6475 or email sherie@sedona.net


Sherie is also available for: Spirit Heart Readings, Property Purification/Blessing,

Ceremonies: Commitment, Renewal of Vows, Celebration of Life.  

About Sherie Kennedy

        Sherie Kennedy is a gifted healer, teacher, and counselor, with a mission to assist in the spiritual empowerment and enlightenment of people everywhere. Addressing issues about belief systems, physical manifestations of dis-ease, and the way we communicate, Sherie guides the way to personal knowledge of your own truths with her unique understanding of what it means to be consciously aware.

          In addition to studying ancient ways, metaphysical philosophies, and New Age theories, she has devoted her life to learning the tools and techniques of numerous healing methods, and now utilizes all she knows to assist others. As a healer, her diverse qualifications not only permit her to do what she does, it is essential to who she is.  Sherie is also an ordained Minister of Ancient Ways. 

          The experience of writing her book, “A TOOL BOOK: Assisting Conscious Awareness”, led to the creation of her original class, “Living in the Light” in 1992, which has assisted hundreds of people in changing their lives by “doing it different”.

          Prior to her move to Sedona in 2002, she owned and operated “Sherie’s Place: A Healing Arts Center” in Las Cruces, NM, providing a sacred place for support, learning, and fun.  Sherie also authored a popular “New Age” column for the Las Cruces Sun News for two years, sharing her knowledge and wisdom with the general public.